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Cultural Activities

Cultural program gives the perfect introduction into Russian culture and history. We organize long-term excursions at weekends and different cultural activities every day. Here you may find  an example of Summer Program 2016!

Here you will find the information about activities you may enjoy after your classes. We usually offer our students a standard program that may be changed in accordance with the weather and students’ wishes. We are always ready to help you in organizing your private tours. All cultural activities are optional, you are free to decide whether to participate or not.      

If you have any proposals for other excursions please let us know and we shall organize them for you.

We would like to offer you take part in a standard cultural program, which includes following activities:
Standard program
Welcome Party (free)
We usually start the cultural program with meeting Russian students volunteers. Foreign and local students are introduced to each other in play manner. Then our volunteers show the most useful places (such as Internet centers or malls) to our guests.
Walking Excursion around the most remarkable places of the city with Russian volunteers (free) 
Not all of our volunteers are professional guides; still they can tell you about Petrozavodsk history and the most interesting buildings and monuments. You will walk along the main streets -  Lenin Street, Karl Marks Street, visit Kirov and Lenin squares and the embankment of the Onego Lake.
National Food Party (free)
Usually we plan it as a Farewell party for our students. Everyone cook some national meal. At first we discuss its ingredients. And then we just enjoy the food and communication!
Presentations about students’ native countries (free)
Of course Russian students and volunteers are very interested in getting more information about foreign countries. They all are ready to help you in creating a presentation about your country. It can be drawn on a paper or made in Power Point. It also can include national dancing, music, traditions and so on!
Master class on students’ mother language (free)
It is always very helpful to be taught some everyday phrases in different languages. Russian students and volunteers will appreciate your lesson!
Excursion to the Museum of Regional History (350 rub)
This museum presents several excursions about the local nature and history of Karelia. You'll get to know interesting facts about our Region you will never find in the books! 
Excursion to the museum of Fine Arts (250 rub)
The museum collection includes the Russian Orthodox icons, XIX century paintings and many other exhibits.  
Excursion to the Dolls’ museum (120 rub)
Local Doll’s museum is considered to be one of the best in Russia. It presents dolls and fairy tales’ characters of the local epos.
Creative Centre " Malenkaja Strana" (250 rub)
Wonderful travel to the world of a fairy tale! Amazing performances and interesting workshops will raise your spirits!
Excursion to Island Open-air museum “Kizhi” (4700 rub)
This is one of the most famous open-air museums in Russia. The Kizhi ensemble includes several wooden buildings (churches, mills and houses).
Trip to monastery on Valaam island (5500 rub)
The Valaam monastery is a well-known  Russian Orthodox monastery situated on an island on the Ladoga Lake. You should be ready for a long trip there, but it really worth that. You will visit the monastery, have dinner in a local frater and enjoy the fascinating Karelian nature.
Trip to a Sheltozero countryside (1450 rub)
Sheltozero is the center of Veps national culture. Here you can visit the Veps historical ethnographic museum, drink tea with traditional pancakes "kalitki", enjoy a concert by Veps national chorus and admire the  beautiful landscape.
Waterfall Kivach, Martial Waters, and Uspenskaya church (2500 rub)
Unforgettable trip through the Kivach Waterfall (the second largest waterfall in Europe), the first Russian spa Martial Waters (with sources of the unique mineral water, rich in iron), and Uspenskaya church (the oldest church in Kondopoga town).
Excursion around St. Petersburg  (1 - day trip - 5000 rub; 2 - day trip - 7000 rub)
We can help you to organize an excursion to St.-Petersburg. It takes one night to get there by train. Then you can walk around the city, visit different museums, and spend one night in a hostel. Next day you can go to one of the Romanov dynasty Palaces or just enjoy shopping.
Rafting (1600 rub)
Rafting is one of the most popular extreme activities in Karelia. You will spend about two hours rowing down the Shuya River. Then you will have dinner sitting round the fire in the Karelian forest. Don’t forget to take your change dry clothes, cause be sure you’ll be totally wet!
Going to a Bowling club (250 rub) 
There are two bowling centers in Petrozavodsk. You can enjoy playing the game and have a couple of drinks in warm atmosphere there.
Going to the Russian banya (500 rub)
You can’t leave Russia without having visited the Russian banya. They believe it is really good for your health. At the same time banya is another Russian tradition of peaceful relaxing and communicating in special warm atmosphere.
Rock-Climbing wall (510 rub)
If you want to support yourself in good shape and imagine yourself as a real “Spiderman”, welcome to the Rock-Climbing wall!
Visiting night clubs
There are several night clubs in Petrozavodsdk. The choice of particular one depends on your wish. You can just go out for a couple of drinks (in Neubrandenburg or Kivach) or hit the dance floor (in FM, Peshkov or XXXX).
We can also help you to organise your own extra activities. For example, in winter you can go skiing, snowboarding, skating, etc. There are also several carting and horse-riding clubs in Petrozavodsk. Also you can visit one of Karelian towns, we will help you with tickets and provide all necessary information.
Excursions in St. Petersburg for program "Russian Mix: St.Petersburg & Petrozavodsk":
City tour, Boat Excursion around the city; excursions to: State Hermitage Museum, Peter and Paul Fortress, Tzarskoe Selo, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Saint Isaak's Cathedral, Church of the Saviour on the Spilled Blood, The Yusupov Palace; night city tour including watching the bridges go up, Saint-Petersburg «Dostoevsky» tour.
Hermitage (3-hour excursion )
Winter Palace is the residence of Russian tsars that was built in 1754-1762 on the project of F.B. Rastrelli. The Hermitage has assembled one of the largest collections numbering about three million works of art and monuments of world culture since the Stone Age to the present century. 
Peter and Paul Fortress (2-hour excursion )
Peter and Paul Fortress is the heart of St. Petersburg. During a Peter and Paul Fortress tour tourists can visit the casemates, Botniy house where the first ship built by Peter I is still kep, and Artillery arsenal, Mint, and many other architectural structures. And of course, the dominant of the Peter and Paul Fortress is the Necropolis of the Romanov family, Peter and Paul Cathedral after which the fortress was named.
Tsar's Village (5-hour excursion )
Preserve Museum “The Tsar's village” is an outstanding example of world architecture and landscape art. The Center of the Museum is the Catherine Palace created by F.B. Rastrelli in the Russian baroque style. You will be excited with the luxury of Palace’s Great Hall and a number of state rooms including world-famous “Amber Room” .
Pavlovsk (5-hour excursion)
Pavlovsk is an outstanding palace and park ensemble of the late 18 - early 19th Century, which was built as a summer residence of Emperor Paul I and his family. Pavlovsky Park is one of the biggest in Europe, with an area of 600 hectares.
Peterhof (5-hour excursion)
Peter’s Palace is world-famous for its fountains palace and park ensemble. The idea of building royal residences not inferior to Versailles in France appeared in Peter I in 1714. The overall planning concept of parks and palaces of Peterhof belongs to the emperor.
St.Isaac's Cathedral (5-hour excursion )
It is an outstanding example of Russian religious art. It is one of the most beautiful and significant dome structures, not only in Russia but also in the world. For its size the temple is second only to St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, St. Paul's in London and Santa Maria in Florence. The height of the temple is 101.5 meters and the total weight is up to three hundred thousand tons. An area is 4000 sq. m. The temple can accommodate up to 12,000 people. 
Church of the Savior on spilled Blood (1-hour excursion)
The Church of the Savior on Spilled Bloodis a museum and monument of Russian architecture. It was erected on the order of Alexander III and the Synod's decision on the spot where on the March 1, 1881 Narodovolets I. Grinevitsky mortally wounded Alexander II popularly called the Tsar-Liberator for the abolition of serfdom. The cathedral is located on the Griboedov canal near the Mikhailovsky Garden and Stables Square. The height of the temple is 81 meters. This number represents the year of death of the king. The Capacity of Cathedral is 1600 people.
Yusupov Palace (2,5-hour excursion)
Aristocratic mansion of St. Petersburg, Yusupov Palace is a unique place where main apartments, halls of an art gallery and a small home theater are preserved. St. Petersburg restorers revived the art interiors that are characterized by their striking and unusual beauty.
City tour (3-hour excursion)
During the Tour you will see the central part of the city with its cathedrals, buildings decorated with exquisite moldings, sculpted angels and lions, beautiful parks and the waterfront that make citizens justly proud. As well you will see the Nevsky Prospekt, sculptural complex Anichkov Bridge, inimitable brilliant architecture of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Field of Mars, monument sung in verses, The Bronze Horseman, the ensemble of St. Isaac's Square, the Palace Square, Vasilievsky Island and other monuments.
Night tour with sightsing drawbriges (4-hour excursion )
During the tour you can enjoy the atmosphere of the night city, to admire the artfully lit palaces and bridges. Guided tour covers all most important and beautiful sights of St. Petersburg. Still, the main part of the night tour to St. Petersburg is to oversee the opening of the bridge. It takes only minutes for multi-ton structures to rise opening a corridor for passage of cargo ships.  
Tour over rivers and canals of St. Petersburg (2-hour excursion )
Tours over rivers and canals tells about present and past, it tells us what were and still is the water, and what ceased to exist long ago as a waterway and turned into the street - as, for example, lines at Vasilevsky Island. To visit St. Petersburg and not to take a rivers and canals tour means not to see the “Venice of the North”.
Dostoevsky's Petersburg (2,5-hour excursion )
During the tour you get to know the places where the writer studied and worked; where he and the characters of his novels and short stories lived. You will see the Engineers' Castle, the places where the events of the novel “Crime and Punishment” took place; homes at Vladimirsky Prospekt and in Kuznechny Lane, you will visit the former Semenovskoe Parade Ground, where the execution of Petrashevists was scheduled.


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