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Students said in 2014

Reviews about Russian Summer Language Camp with Russian teens left by group of teens from USA. The program was held in Petrozavodsk in June 2014.
Kassie Archambault, USA

Everything was excellent, including my living conditions! I really enjoyed   living   with Татьяна Менар. We coordinated  so  that we could talk over breakfast  in the mornings and over tea at  night, so anyone who stays with her  will get excellent practice! The room had everything I needed.  Tatyana was so helpful in every way.  If I return, I would certainly like to stay with her and her family again.

As for my wishes, I don't think anything could be improved! I have no complaints!


Peyton Alie, USA

Content of language course was good. I learned a lot, and solidified some concepts I'd already learned. However, some of the material was redundant and didn't need to be reviewed.I only wish to be focused more on conversational, everyday Russian, which is often lacking in a classroom environment.As for teaching it was really good. Sometimes Evgeniya's explanations could be confusing and she could get frustrated, but she was overall very nice and informative.My living  conditions were excellent. While small, my host mother's apartment exceeded my expectations. I have no complaints.Diana (Russian volunteer) was excellent and very helpful to me, and I also spent a lot of time with Nastya. I don't know the other volunteers - I think they were nice enough, but didn't go above and beyond. Perhaps more advice about volunteers who are more willing to spend extra time with American students and befriend them, not just meet every once in a while.I would recommend this program to other people as it is educational and eye - opening .


BrianPaul Robert, USA


I thought that there was enough content of the language course.

I have Lyubov Milovanova as my teacher. Each class, she has new, different activities to do. She acts very confident and prepared. Every class, in the morning, I notice that she smiles whenever we walk into the room. She brought us to Maxi one day to look at different foods, and the next day, she brought food to class to teach us the differences between words such as sour, sweet, and bitter. Whenever I need something explained, she always explains the topic of discussion. My teacher taught the different topics well.

The family I stayed with was good. I liked that there was no smoking.

As for cultural program it was excellent. I recommend Kizhi and the Russian teenagers.

Diana and Natsya (Russian volunteers)-both of them talked to me and brought me around the city. They were great! They were both really nice, and I spent a lot of time with them.

I would recommend this program to other people since I met Russian teenagers, the content was fine, and I learned more than I would have if I had not had a class.


Gabriel Parlin, USA

The content of the language course and teaching were excellent. L liked teaching materials  especially the handouts.Volunteers - they were  spectacular! The volunteers ended up being some of my best friends in the city.General impression about the program is good. It was well organized and well-run.I definitely will recommend it since I have learned a lot, and Petrozavodsk is a very friendly city.



Evelyn  Tackett, USA


The content of the language course was excellent with useful vocabulary. I think more work with grammar would be mice.

My host family was the absolute sweetest.

As for cultural program I loved visiting Kizhi.

All of the volunteers were super helpful.

I would recommend this program to other people because it was exciting and great and informational and I learned more of the language.


Jessica Schmitt, USA


Content of the language course and teaching were excellent. Our teacher was very caring and patient.

I had an amazing host family who took care of me very well and who I enjoyed being with so much.

Cultural program was also excellent, I loved exploring Petrozavodsk and meeting Russian students. I

would only wish to visit more cultural landmarks in Petrozavodsk and explore beyond the town center.


Alisa Bhakta, USA The content of the course was pretty good. Each section was well thought out and had many helpful supplements and exercises to compliment each lesson.

I absolutely adored my teacher! She was very fun and had a great attitude every day in class. Her activities and games were both fun and taught me a lot.

It was tough to try and cover the material in 3 weeks, which was a bummer. Hopefully condensing the material would make it easier to learn in such a short period of time?

I loved my host family, and have nothing but praise for how interesting, caring, funny, and hospitable they were. I have definitely learned most about culture on this trip. I have learned a lot about Russian values and habits! I only think it would be helpful if there were more volunteers to show us around the city! The two volunteers I met were AMAZING! Diana and I became great friends and I learned so much about Russian culture and the language from them! Overall, the program was extremely organized. It was fun, interesting, but too short! I will recommend this program to other people because it was not only fun, but it was also extremely educational. I learned about food, culture, slang, traditions, holidays, and much more while being in Russia. The experience was amazing!


Calvin Carbone, USA

The content of the course was excellent- very useful information.

Cultural program was also good. Visiting Кижи was fantastic. I highly recommend this excursion. Malenkaja Strana was interesting to say the least.

I really liked meeting with Russian Teens from the international camp. It was fun to hang out with them and play games and learn about teens from Russia.

Volunteers were excellent. Nastya was who I hung out with the most. She is really awesome and a great friend now! My general impression of the program is also excellent. I enjoyed the program. I feel it really is the best way to experience Russia.


Reviews about Russian language courses


Darian Bhathena, USA


The content of the course was good. A lot of material, but good stuff. Activities were helpful.

I loved my teacher! Classes were engaging, activities were fun, and even learning grammar was enjoyable.

Host mother was great, I had no trouble communicating with her or approaching her with requests or questions. Living quarters were likewise quite nice.

Cultural program was also good. Kizhi was phenomenal, strongly recommend, meeting with the older Russian students was always fun.

As for organization, most everything was well planned out and executed. Despite occasional bad weather, everything went quite smoothly.

The program really is what you make of it, because it is well set up but requires engagement of all people. I think it was a lot of fun and I will miss all the people I met here!

I would recommend this course because living in a different country even temporarily  is incredibly informative and exciting, and having a program to help you learn while having fun is perfect for this type of trip.

Alexandra von Arx, Switzerland, March 

The content of the language course was excellent! I only met one volunteer (Masha) who was very nice! Her help was highly appreciated when I was ill! I will recommend this program, but not in the same season! March is not the ideal month to be in Petrozavodsk. Winter and summer must be more attractive, I guess!   Olga is an excellent teacher! The training course was very logical and structured! But Olga was also flexible to answer to my questions that were outside of the program. Methods of teaching were very active and interesting. I have learnt a lot, but still need to practice! And I wish teachers to continue with the same motivation and interest! Don’t change)

Neil O’Docherty, U.K. , April
I think that the course has improved my knowledge of Russian efficiently! The teacher was very good and I always enjoyed the lessons! My only wish would be for more hours of direct teaching! 2 hours is good but more would be better! My listening is still low but my vocabulary has greatly improved! I have to say thank you for Teachers time and help!
The family I stayed with were very kind and accommodating!
The events provided by the centre were good. Perhaps more advice about how to organize our own activities in addition to those directly provided by the center – would be great.
The students volunteers were very helpful! The one who helped us most was Yana Larina!
I greatly enjoyed my time here! I I enjoyed the experience and think I learned a lot!  I had not had three friends also here it might have been more difficult to find people to spend time with after classes: to go for coffee, cinemas.. it would be good to gather students with volunteers.
Peter Strang, U.K., April
Good resources covering many topics I think more hours on discussion and “read” language sources – TV, magazines, letters etc.
What you speak in real life is different to textbooks!
Arina was a very helpful and interesting teacher. Methods were varied and engaging. Atmosphere in the class was good, friendly and relaxed! I think I made good progress in class, my level improved – I identified aspects I needed to improve on. I wish Arina the best success for the future! She is a committed and engaging teacher!
I only think there should be more feedback and discussion on homework! I think the textbooks and materials provided were helpful, containing a lot of information.
My host were excellent. The food was great, they were very helpful when I needed help and were always willing to speak Russian even if I did not understand everything!
As for the cultural program - “Malenkaya Strana” – the excursion was interesting. Curator was very good. Bowling – a good way to socialite with other students and volunteers!
Volunteers were all very helpful and very nice to meet. They all helped when we needed information or assistance. And were willing to get to know us! I think Yana was most helpful!
Good mix of teaching and learning. I enjoyed the opportunity to volunteer helping English teachers etc.
The teaching is very good! The volunteers and stuff are very helpful – there are many things do to! Petrozavodsk is a nice city and people are very friendly!

Ioannis Gavriel, Cyprus, April
The material was good but a little basic for my level. The two hours per day were not enough. I would recommend about 3-4 hours per day, not 2 that we had.
Arina, my teacher, did a good job explaining. I have made good conversational knowledge! I wish Arina the best of luck!

Giuseppe Cappelluti, Italy, February- April

Everything was excellent. I would only wish to have more activities like food parties, excursions also to the Solovetsky island and to the Alexander Svirsky Monastery.
My teacher, Olga Eliseeva,  was very patient person. She has a good English language knowledge (which is important when teaching  a foreign language  to a foreigner ).
Arina Drogunova , another teacher, has also very good teaching skills.
I definitely improved my Russian, especially in spoken language!


Adriano Di Lauro, Italy, April – May
Content of the  language course was excellent! But as for the materials of teaching - It might be good to add texts about fairy tales.
Masha was the most helpful volunteer.
During my stay I’ve made a very good progress!

Kaper Hauke, Germany, May




Content of the language course  was good. Topics of the lessons are closely heated to most common situations of daily life in modern Russia. Teaching was excellent. They are very helpful and dedicated. My family when I live was excellent. I felt at home in the Kamenkovi family. Very good contact, daily practise of Russian conversation Galina  introduced me in the family life and helped me a lot with plenty of information. Every  day in Petrozavodsk I study with a healthy and delicious Russian breakfast. My cultural program was excellent. I was a the open air museum with wooden churches and exposition of traditional life in Karelian villages was a highlight not to be missed. National theatre of Karelia: enthusiastic actors, amazing dance performance- first class entertainment. All volunteers were  friendly  and eager to answer any questions. I very much enjoyed the mutual presentation of home countries and national cultural. The volunteers presentation about Russia was well done and very comprehensive.  There are more activities with Russian volunteers would be interesting and useful – for example sports, game.

Enjoy Russian has a convincing developed and successful concept to teach foreigners modern Russian including an insight into the Russian way of life. I would recommend this program to other people. My teacher Olga. She was friendly and patient teacher. I wishes Olga to continue your professional Russian classes at Petrozavodsk. It was a pleasure to study in your school.   



Ahrens Heinz, Germany, May




The content of the language course was excellent. My  first teacher was Arina. She was excellent teacher. I never heard a better teacher in my long life.

The living conditions was excellent. Tatiana was a friendly.

Suggestion to the museum of Regional history – very useful. Theater  - «Twelfth Night » . Kizhi – wonderful excursion.

My general impression was excellent.

My wishes to teacher was stay into Enjoy Russian for the benefit of is future student!




 Robert Pawlowski, Germany, May

Программа курса была очень многостороння. Я познакомился с многими аспектами русского языка: грамматикой, литературой, поэзией  и разговорной речью. Было очень полезно, что я смог часто сам говорить о моих мыслях и идеях.

Хорошо было бы сделать тест на первом уроке по тому что я не смог оценить мою способность к знаниям русского языка. Иногда уровень программы был соответствующим, а иногда почти слишком простым.   

Обучение было гибкое- спасибо! Учительница была способна, соответствовать на мои желания касательно уроков. Выговор был понятным и медленным.

Рабочая тетрадь была мне известна. В принципе это хороший материал. Диалоги, грамматика и словарь из разговорной речи очень интересные . я интересовался литературой .

Моей учительницей была Екатерина. 

My host family was excellent! I head many opportunities to leave. Personal  live : going  on Kukkovka, are going at the village, breakfast and meals in the evening .

Музей изобразительных искусств был очень интересным. Kizhi  I didn’t  visit  because I was there.




Yasir Abdulla, Maldives, June-July

Hi.. My Name is Yasir(ян). I am from Maldives. I would like to share my experience on Enjoy Russian School.

I went Russia this year June and July. It was great experiences there. I found people are friendly and caring. when I went russia I only know few word's of greeting.. but in Two months I know how to speak in Russian. if Someone ask me how you study Russian language then I tell everyone I spend two month to learn Russian language in Russia.. And most of the People don't believe but It's True and Everyone say You speak great in Two months.
to been a Maldivian it was long journey to go Russia. At first I was little bit scared. because In my life I never went any places alone. but I take risk and went Russia to Complete my Dream. I don't know any one there but ones I tell that I arrive St.Peterburgs. then 
Anastassia Chashchina Take great care of me until I reach to my Host Family. My Host Family mom welcome me like her son. 
I would like thanks all that help me to learn. specially my Teacher Olga she was very very help full and friendly with great experiences of teaching. I really like the way she teach me. Now I really miss her. 
and also thanks to all volunteers. specially 
Diana Menshenina andAnastasia Rykunova there help me every single time if I want help and this two girls are amazing. there now one of my great friends.

Ones again thank you all.

Highly Recommended if any one like to go Russia to Learn Language. Please go this Places NO ONE will regret..

Thank You....


 Sarah Garrat, Great Britain , February – April

The content of the language course was challenging but helpful because of the way in focuses on everyday language! I wish to have more variety of exercises. Eg. more speaking.
My teachers always made me feel more confident and were encouraging.
The course book was good and I enjoyed watching videos but so much focus on texts and exercise can be a bit monotonous.
My host has been fantastic! She is helpful, kind and a fantastic cook! It has been absolutely great living with her!
As for the cultural program I think it is probably better in the summer when more people can enjoy is all together!
Volunteers – they were all fantastic!
Organization and administration of program are excellent! Thank you for all of your help!
General impression about the program is also excellent! I wish I was staying for longer!
Its tailor made, the atmosphere is great. People are so friendly, accommodation is really good and my Russian has definitely improved! When I arrived I couldn’t say anything and now I can hold a long conversation almost about anything ;)



Alessandro Lattanzio, Italy, November – March
Everything was perfect. Teacher was very patient with me and I could really understand and ask to repeat.. I would like to have Arina also as a teacher next time! She is Super!  My progress in Russian is really good! I couldn’t read and speak and now after 2 weeks! I can go in city with no problem to asking!
I had the best family ever! I would like to have the same family next time please. I adore them!
Alyona ( Russian Volunteer) was always helpful with me and always teaching me with new words!
Good organization, everybody is lovely and kind! I have felt like at home!
I would recommend the course because it is adapted to every level and is very good organized! 

 Adrien Fabre, France, September  

Hi everybody! 

I'm going to give you a feedback of my 4 weeks at the russian language school "Enjoy Russian" between August and September (by the way even there the weather is very friendly at this time, look at the pics!).

In class, I was in minigroup, we were often no more than 3, that allowed me to talk and ask questions and the teacher to have time to answer with examples. Then I was in one to one class and I chose the topic, it was convenient and efficient.

About activities, it's interesting because there are russian volunteers, so in addition of any kind of sport or cultural activities, I talked russian. I was also looking for opportunities to talk with russians in the city, the school helped me to contact an university, to help a french teacher and then to meet russian students. I also went to some events in the city, picnic, party.... I have found one interesting on my own thanks to social networks, I helped some volunteers to clean the edge of the river, I met very nice people there. By the way, my host also was nice, we talked russian, we shared a lot of funny stories and I tried different russian dishes.

At last you can find some pictures and see the nice green environnement and few historical places on my pictures enclosed. As a conclusion, what I above liked is the flexibility of the organisation about activities, classes and the hosts, the team there really listen your suggestions.

I hope you will have a more precise idea after this feedback.
Thanks to all teachers, students and friends I met during my stay there!



Jared Leets, USA
The content of the language course was good. The teachers were great! I would only put less emphasize on studying slang and more on studying advanced subjects, regarding the textbook. The materials were overall good. I find Petrozavodsk is a great place to stay. The organization was excellent. Being here for six weeks I have already improved my Russian a lot. Studying one-to-one was very beneficial!
Joost Reimorkhoff. Netherlands
I liked the course! I Tanya is a great teacher in my opinion. We had active lessons and she gave me many examples. Without a strict protocol we were taught structurally. I met with volunteers for a few times. They were open, nice and helpful. I liked the organization and I find your website very helpful! I liked Petrozavodsk a lot and I would recommend staying here, as the city is compact and friendly.
Dakush Potulski, Poland
The course contest was good. I did improve my Russian language skills. I only wish we were taught how to write text in Russian. All the teachers were competent and well prepared. The text book was good, but to my mind there were too many dialogues and not enough texts. The living standards were good and it was a real pleasure to spend time with Russian family. I would recommend the course to other students as it gives your opportunity not only to improve your language but to explore the Northern part of Russia as well!
Marianna Krizia Zappala, Italy
I did like the course! I learned a lot – both vocabulary and grammar rules. My teacher Tatyana was great – a deep, intelligent and stimulating person. It was a pleasure to study with her. My host family was very nice and I felt like home. We went to the waterfall Kivach, it was nice, I wish we could spend more time there. The volunteers were nice but busy sometimes. We had some problems with organization – with visa and managing the groups. Still I learnt a lot and had fun in Petrozavodsk.
Simone Vardanega, Italy
I really enjoyed studying in my mini group because there were nice people and the atmosphere that we crated was special. My teacher was really good and capable of make you feel good and comfortable with Russian when you are speaking. My host family was perfect – very hospitable and very generous. They always cooked for me and I felt like I was with my parents. All the volunteers were nice and generous.

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