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04/10 2017
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Students said in 2015

We are happy to receive new reviews from the students of 2015!

Everything was perfect! I learned a lot about Russian culture and mentality and of course a lot about Russian grammar. The topics were very interesting, especially as they focused on Petrozavodsk and the region of Karelia. Olga did a great job!! Especially at the beginning of the language course it was very useful to have German-speaking teacher. Her method of teaching is great! She often asked me what I wanted to work on and then helped me to improve my Russian with many useful exercises. I wish our teachers at university were more like her! The teaching materials were great. They included everything you need to know about Russian grammar and lots of useful information about Russian culture. My host family was very nice. We spoke to each other regularly, had meals together, went to concerts and they taught me a lot! As I was the only student here in February my cultural program was a little bit boring. I liked the volunteer Yana. She showed me the city on my first day here. I liked that I was invited to welcome tea party with all the stuff and that we celebrated Maslenitsa together. This program allows you to immerse yourself fully into Russian culture and you learn a lot in short time. However I recommend you to come here with friends or to make sure that there are other students here as well.


This is my third time back. I would happily recommend the course to other students. The contest of the language course was excellent. All my wishes were met. My teacher Olga was great. She showed patience despite my being a very poor student. All other teachers were superb as well. The course book were well put together. I only wish that food/drink section to be put earlier in the course, so students could know what to order when they eat out. My host family (Nadezhda and Ivan) are very hospitable. I liked the cultural program and all the volunteers were friendly. I would have liked to go to visit the Solovki but unfortunately it is not possible in early spring. As a whole, I loved the city and the people and I consider myself privileged to have been able to visit it.
I liked the program that was an excellent mix of vocabulary and grammar. I learned a lot of new phrases in Russian. My teacher was very friendly and patient. She explained everything very clearly. At the same time the tuition was very adaptable. Our teacher mixed the text book with printed materials when we wanted to focus on something specific. I loved my host family – great room, great food, kind people and accommodating. Staying with them was also helpful in language practice. I would definitely recommend this course to other students!
The contest was goof – we had an exam for university and Olga made a special curriculum to help us to prepare. I liked my host family and the location was nice – it was easy to get to school. Unfortunately our cultural program was limited because of the weather, but I enjoyed walking the streets and visiting the museum. The volunteers were excellent. Jana, Anna, Anastasia, Sasha, thank you!
Steven Barclay, UK
The contest of the lessons was very helpful, especially speaking practice. I was very impressed with the teaching and the teacher responded well to our requests and needs. I liked my host family. The flat was very comfortable and the family was very kind and helpful and provided plenty of food. The school was very helpful in arranging special cultural activities that I requested personally. All the volunteers were nice and ready to help. It would be nice to have more Russian practice.
Thomas Stowell-Smith, UK
The contest of the course was excellent. We were taught a good mixture of vocabulary and grammar. The contest was very applicable to every day life. Quality of teaching was also excellent. We were encouraged to speak a lot and to express ourselves in Russian which I really enjoyed. Teaching methods were good; we were given a good book and used audio as well. I really enjoyed the place where I stayed. The location was excellent, very close to our school. Host family was nice and did everything they needed to. Also they were not invasive which I liked. The volunteers were extremely nice and willing to help. All the administration was good and I experienced no problems at all. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at the school and have gained a lot of good memories. I would highly recommend this school to other students. Petrozavodsk is a nice small town so there is a good environment to learn Russian.
Anabela Crepulja, Austria
It was good to get in touch with the “prostorechie” and the everyday-language in the course. Grammar lessons were also very helpful. Learning individually was a new experience for me and helped me to make progress, especially in speaking. The teaching material were good, especially the materials on phrases which helped me a lot to learn more about and to be able to understand the modern Russian. As well the materials on grammar which I needed to repeat. Additionally we red interesting literary texts of different foreign and Russian writers that I enjoyed a lot due to the great selection of the teacher. My room and bed at host family were commodious and I spent a lot of time at home. My host family became like a family to me. We spent lots of evenings together. The breakfast was always a surprise but every time delicious, and if I had remarks (which defiantly was not often the case) it was fully respected. There was also enough room for privacy and we all got along just fine! I met very interesting and nice people here and they will stay in my mind forever. I enjoyed a lot the excursion to the Museum of Fine Arts. The National Museum was outstanding as well – you can loose yourself for days there. Also there is possibility to go to the theatre and other exhibitions is you are not too busy sitting in one of the various cafes and pubs.
Martin Kupferschmidt, Germany
The content of the language course was perfect, I liked my teacher as well as my hostfamily. I enjoyed staying in Petrozavodsk: nice place, beautiful nature. I found that museums wasn't that interesting for me, because the guide spoke with us in Russian, and I didn't understand everything. Anyway, I would definitely recommend this program to those who want to get fast progress in language with excellent teachers in the nice Russian city, which is very close to St.Petersburg.
John Dawton, UK
The program was excellent: I loved the teachers, teaching materials, everything was perfect. I loved living with my host family, they were so nice, I was enjoying living with them for almost 3 months. All the volunteers were very helpful and friendly - Anna, Alexandra, Yana, Ilya! We became very good friends! I would recommend the program to other students, because you learn a lot about the culture, as well as the language. Don't hesitate! I had a great time, come and study here! I really enjoyed my 3 months here and would highly recommend it!
Remi Bischoff, France/Sweden
I really enjoyed the program and I really like both teachers I had. Both of them were very patient, and helped me to understand some different topics using their knowledge in other languages. I really liked the atmosphere in the classroom. The teaching was very organized, materials consist of a good mix of different kinds of learning materials. I'm very satisfied with my hostfamily and living conditions. Even though all the volunteers were very helpful and friendly, I expect them to be older, I'd spend more free time with. I would recommend the program to other people, who want to improve their language stills quickly in the very serious school with high-quality teachers. because you learn a lot about the culture, as well as the language. Don't hesitate! I had a great time, come and study here! I really enjoyed my 3 months here and would highly recommend it!
Petra Tynninen, Finland
It was my second course in the "Enjoy Russian" language school, because Petrozavodsk is good located, it is a very peaceful place, the school is good, teachers are wonderful, people are very friendly.
Jill Neuendorf, USA
I liked the course a lot, content of the course and its materials were excellent, the atmosphere in the class was extremely friendly and comfortable. The staff is nice, everyone was so helpful, and Petrozavodsk is a very good place to learn Russian. Thank you for a great three weeks here!!! Keep doing a great job!

Paavo Pitkanen, Finland
The whole program fits my wishes and interests. Everything went the way I planned. Both teachers were wonderful and professional, I also liked the teaching materials I got here. I liked the cultural program a lot and I took part in every single even the school organized. I am very satisfied! Both coordinators were very helpful! I can say that meeting such a professional staff and teachers is one of the most remarkable part from staying in Petrozavodsk. I'm happy that I have found Enjoy Russian school in the internet!
Niek van der Kant, Netherlands
I am happy I received the email from the Russian department from the university. I am very pleased with the program, because I like my classes. Is wasn't just a monologue, the teacher lets us speak Russian and we really speak a lot in the class. Grammatically I hoped to learn a bit more, but speaking Russian was perfect for my level. Atmosphere was very friendly and comfortable. I wish we had more difficult topics, but what I can say for sure - I have been here for only 2 weeks and think I learned more than I did during the whole semester at home. I like the apartment I lived in - it is very clean, I was pleasantly surprised. I will recommend the program to other people.
Karl Hugot, France
The teachers here were very professional - all the explanations in grammar and vocabulary were very good. It is a good-organized program. The course was very good, even though I wish the group wasn't that small. I will recommend the course to others, who are interested in learning Russian, but I am definitely going to continue my Russian studies. 

Sasha Newton, USA

Thank you so much - I had a wonderful time in Petrozavodsk!

Overall I thought the classes were helpful to my Russian language acquisition. Some sections were more helpful than others. For instance considering we had previously learned about the family (i.e. sister, brother, mother, father, grandparents, etc) it seemed a little redundant. Other sections were very helpful. Food for instance was great to learn (meats, vegetables, fruits, dairy) because we had not learned that with my Russian teacher in our class at the Academy. I wish we had spent more time on verbs of motion (particularly prefixes), as they seem difficult for most of us Americans to wrap our heads around at first. In terms of the text book, some fill-in-the-blank exercises seem repetitive. Others, such as the Verbs of Motion “Test” worksheet that Olya (the teacher) gave us, were very helpful. This particular worksheet had some irregular or unexpected uses of certain verbs which was very helpful to my understanding. Olya was a very good teacher! She was always engaged and kept us, the students, engaged as well. She was very patient with our learning process if we didn’t understand a new word in Russian. Thank you Olya!

I loved my host mother, Zhenya! She was kind and very charismatic and we had lots of laughs together. She took me to her friend’s dacha and we went in the banya at the dacha as well. These were some of my best experiences of the whole trip! Sleeping accommodations were fine, breakfast was fine, nice bathroom. Overall I had a very good experience with my host mother, and I will be sad to say bye to her.


Cameron Kerry, USA

I'm glad that we covered all of the basic, important information that we either hadn't yet learned at Andover, or there were cracks in the foundation. Learning about food, weather, and verbs of motion were all helpful. Also, the field trip was super fun! My teacher was very nice, but I didn't appreciate her laughing at me every once in a while.


My host mom was awesome. We got along really well. She is super kind and accommodating. She is super easy to talk to and welcomed me with open arms. Cvetlana is the best!


Dustin Goldberg, USA

I learned a lot in this course. My teacher was great and so helpful, although my teacher often singled me out even when I clearly understood the content. Overall, I really enjoyed every bring we learned and had a great time learning it.

My host family was great. I had some trouble communicating in the beginning but that went away pretty quickly. They gave me everything I needed and fed me every morning. It was a great experience!


Cameron Gillis, USA

I felt that the language class I took was a great experience and helped to improve my Russian a great deal. Most of the grammar that we covered was a review but learning the information from an actual Russian teacher helped clarify my understanding of the concepts. Learning new words everyday really helped me improve my overall vocabulary, allowed me to understand more of what I saw throughout the city, and made me more comfortable in the city. My teacher for the past two and half weeks was Еvgenia. I thought that she was an excellent teacher, when someone did not comprehend the material she would go over it again and try to explain it in a different way so we could fully understand what she was saying. Although she did assign a little too much homework each night, I feel that I learned a lot from her class.

My host for the past two and half weeks was
Татьяна Афанасьева. She was very kind and understanding when I did not understand her, she provided me with an excellent breakfast everyday and helped me get to know my way around the city. When I came home later in the day she was understanding and just let me relax, and never asked anything to great of me. She has been a very gracious host, sharing her food and home with me and also washing my clothes. I have appreciated her kindness and understanding greatly these past few weeks. She is an amazing host and provided a nice living space for me.


Savannah Mastrangelo, USA


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed both my teacher and the learning we did in class. I thought it was productive and helpful to go over many things we already learned and other things that we hadn't covered at all. I thought my teacher was very patient and engaging. One critique I have is that we spent too much time learning about food and I wished that we spent more time on grammar concepts and all of the cases.


My living situation with Lydmila was wonderful. She is a wonderful lady and I have zero complaints whatsoever. She was thoughtful and loved to engage in conversation. I was always well fed and my living conditions were perfect.


Jeremy Forget, USA


During these past three weeks, I was in the classes taught by Женя, and I would like to emphasize that I really enjoyed having her as my teacher. She was able to describe a word or verb we didn't understand using words we did know, she talked very clearly and at a slow enough pace for me to understand. I also enjoyed the course. It was strange to review the cases in a different order that we learned them in, but it was effective. I learned творительный падеж and many new vocabulary words regarding food, parts of the body, and professions. These past three weeks have been very productive for me!


My host family, Марина Петровна и её муж, Александр, were very kind and patient with me during our conversations. The accommodation was great, especially considering how small their apartment is (to me, at least!), as I had my own room, which was more than big enough.


Thanks for running this program. It's a perfect blend of classroom and real-life learning of the Russian language and lifestyle. I loved exploring Петрозаводск, a beautiful, authentic Russian city.


Gintare Venzlauskaite, Lithuania / United Kingdom


The approach is very good – majority of essential everyday topics are covered, which is useful for daily language use. The teaching is excellent. Olga is one of the best teachers I have had – engaging and encouraging approach really helped to overcome fear of spelling and making mistakes. Also, interest and questioning personally helps to make the process of learning enjoyable. I was happy with all the material I was given. Living conditions was also good. Tatyana was very nice and friendly! She helped to orient myself during first days and was helpful if I asked something. Walking distance to school also was a nice aspect. Here are plenty of options of what to do in and around Petrozavodsk and if one wants, can do a lot! Kizhi – must see! Also the philarmony and the theatre. Volunteers were very nice and helpful. Their friendliness helped to influence Petrozavodsk experience significantly. I am very happy about my chance to come here, because the course was great and useful, people – super nice, teaching and administration - professional. I cannot single-out one thing, since overall experience was very positive and good. I would recommend this program to other people, because the school is great, town – cozy, people are nice and there is plenty of stuff to see and do around the city. I am happy I was advised to come here by my University professor!

Lucas Erlacher, Austria


The teacher was very nice and kind. The cultural program was pretty good: I visited Kizhi and Masha (the volunteer) was very kind and helped me to get to the island. My language was really improved. 

Kadri Sirkas, Estonia


We learned lots of useful expressions! And the teacher always asked us about the issues we have been interested in. Group classes should have 3-4 students (max.) - it is a good way to learn. Our teacher was a professional, creative, patient and kindhearted person. It was a pure pleasure to be her student. Olga, keep the good work! But I wish all the teaching (printed) materials have been included into the one book, so we could continue our studies on our own. My hostfamily was nice! Rafting and Kizhi island -  must come. I aslo had a lot of fun with volunteers and Katya taught me to cook 'Kalitki'! (Karelian pies) She is very nice and helpful! In general things were good, so I would suggest this program to my friends, I really learned a lot, even though I spent only 2 weeks here. People are supportive, teachers are REALLY GOOD, other students and volunteers - very nice! I think you should do more advertisement, more people should know about their possibilities, about coming here, because Petrozavodsk is a great place where you can see the authentic Russian environment and see the life as it is.




Giada Carulli, Italy


The program was perfect! It 'touches' every sphere of the language! Every teacher was able to create interesting lessons in order to improve every aspect of Russian. The book provided by the school contains all the main issues the students should work with. The hospitality of my hostfamily was absolutely wonderful, really sweet atmosphere! They made me feel like home! Of course I will recommend all the excursions I've done to other students! Kizhi was a wonderful place, full of 'духовная атмосфера' (-spiritual atmosphere) and the guide was very clear. Volunteers helped me to discover the city, explain everything I found interesting about the city's history, they helped us to find things we need, joined us during out lunches and meetings, they were ready-to-help and share their know-how and souls! I really liked every moment shared with Russians and every landscape that my eyes could enjoy. I will recommend the program to everyone, because the courses will help you to improve your language. The atmosphere of the city is absolutely well-coming and warm.

Anouche Delprat--Khoubesserian, France


Content of the language course was good: elements of grammar, interesting facts about Russian culture and history. The apartments I lived in had very nice location, we had to go through the park to get to the school, the hostess was very nice. I recommend all the excursion, especially Museum of Fine Arts, I visited it for a small amount of money and took an audio guide in English. Really interesting and enjoyable experience! I also visited Kizhi island with 4 other students: fascinating and beautiful location, the guide was also very nice and suggested some tea and Kalitki at the end of the tour. Rafting on the Shuya river was also great!!! Amazing view of the Karelian forests and vivers, peaceful and beautiful nature, BUT it is really important to be lucky about the weather. And we was. All the volunteers were adorable! There were some funny episodes: after the rafting we decided to go swimming and two fishmen offered us 'bliny'. It was great! Another remarkable episode took place in the café: we wanted to order some блины with cinnamon, but we mixed up the words "корица" and "курица". It was really funny. The program has become a great experience to make, far enough from Moscow to give you another point of view about Russian people, it will help you to get closer to them and understand their mentalities. Karelia is a small, but gorgeous region of Russia, which deserves to be known! I want to give you an advice - if you come with a very specific idea on your mind, make sure to get some individual classes. That was my case, since I wanted to study Russian poetry and I was able to learn about Esenin, Blok, Tsvetaeva, Ahmatova and others during my last week here one-to-one with teacher.

Andrea Graf, Switzerland


The teachers here are very good! They really have excellent knowledge. They adapted the content to our wishes. I wish there would be more explications of the grammar, if we have to do exercises based on the grammar. In general I would like to have more grammar material to be able to study at home, if we treated the theory, we did it mostly orally so it wasn't easy to revise it at home. All the volunteers were very motivated to help us. Anja, who came Petrozavodsk.
I liked the excursions I managed to visit: Kizhi and National Museum. I wish there were more students who would like to visit the the excursions with me. I recommend the program to those who want to study in a small school in a small town.

Caroline Costarella, USA 

The content was challenging at times, but never overwhelming. I feel I learned a lot while here. Both of my teachers (the Olga's :) - very patient and presented the material in easy ways to understand. All the volunteers were very friendly, so I hope to keep in touch with the people I met here. In general I can say that everything was very clear and well organized, I had a great time! Living conditions were wonderful! I felt very comfortable in their home.. I highly recommend the cultural program, my only regret is that I didn't do more! All the things I learned, people I met and places I saw made this trip so remarkable. Complete immersion is so useful when studying a language, It can seem scary as well, but this program was great!

Deborah Viel, Italy 

The language course was very interesting. I've learned a lot of things. The teacher was very good, she helped me a lot. The volunteers were very nice, the most helpful was Anytka. The organization and the administration of the program were very good. The most remarkable moment was when I started to speak Russian with locals and they understood me. The whole program was very interesting for me!

Giulia Sgarbossa, Italy 

The course matched my expectations! The teacher was very well-prepared and available to solve all the issues and mistakes. The volunteer I liked was Anytka! The organization and the administration of the program were very good, coordinators were very kind. I think that this program offers a 100% immersion! I learnt a lot about Russian culture. One of the most remarkable moment from my staying in Petrozavodsk was that Russians understood me and I was able to answer quite immediately. It surprised me a lot!

Lisa Ziermann, Austria

There could have been a little more exercises of vocabulary during the first week, but it still was very interesting and I liked that we discussed lots of different topics. In the first week I really liked that the teacher always corrected our written homework and paid attention to our individual mistakes. In both weeks I liked that we also got to talk and did not only focus on grammar. And I really liked the fact that it included movies and texts from real Russian writers as well as speaking activities. Anita was a great volunteer! I enjoyed spending time with her and she never hesitated to help me or explain things to me. I was very lucky to meet two great volunteers right on my first day! My host family  (Uspekhovy's)was awesome! They are so nice! It was great to spend time with them, speak with them. I think they also helped me to improve my Russian a lot! My room was very nice and the food was delicious! Excursions were amazing! Especially Kizhi and the National Museum. We were lucky with the weather! I'd definitely recommend it! I found that the museum was very interesting. The tour was in Russian, but I understood most of it. Unfortunately I couldn't do as many excursions as I wanted to. I should have stayed longer! I really enjoyed my whole stay! It was an amazing language practice! I've become so much more confident about speaking!  

Laura Brookes, UK

Content of the course was perfect for me - revision of some things I already knew, as well as new topics/grammatical aspects. We had a great teacher, very enthusiastic and helpful! Volunteers were very kind, some of them gave up lots of their time to help, but it would be better if they spoke to us more in Russian. Overall the program is very well organized, even though I would have preferred to pay before I came. It was a fantastic course I would definitely recommend: a good variety of resourses made classes interesting, host families are a great idea as it forces us to speak Russian on a daily basis. I liked the excursions: especially Kizhi and horse riding (and the price is good!). Definitely perfect environment to learn Russian in and make good progress, even for 2 weeks.

Kyosti Huhtala, Finland

The course was more demanding than I thought, but well-organized. Natalia was extremely good! Living conditions were excellent and I can say that Tatyana and her daughter were my second and third teacher. I am glad that my choice was to take an individual course, it was hard, but helpful. A colleague of mine recommended the program for me, because he studied at "Enjoy Russian" school a couple years ago, and I will definitely recommend it, because of its excellent teaching and the homestay, it was a perfect 'language spa'.    


Tim Hallam, UK

The content of the language course and teaching materials were good! Even though it is a personal thing, but I really like grammar drills. More practice in homeword would be great. Teaching was really fun and I feel so much more confident! My comprehension of listening and reading has improved a lot. My only wish is to come back. Living conditions could not be better! Galina is an excellent host, everything was great: great food and very friendly. I liked Kizhi and Fine Art Museum – many good items and paintings. I didn’t understand the guide, but she spoke clearly which was good for my listening skills. I went back the next day because I liked it so much. The volunteers were all extremely friendly and helpful. Organization and administration of the program were excellent, even though I didn’t understand the rules regarding visas – I didn’t know I could choose to spend time travelling in Russia before or after the course. I would highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to learn Russian. Petrozavodsk is a great place to come because one is forced to speak Russian, because very few people speak English here. The small classes are great and it is a very attractive town. The programme is also good value – it’s great to live in a real Russian household.


Claire Burchett, UK/France

Content of the language course is a bit disjointed but made it flexible to look at what we wanted to. Revised what I felt I needed to. The teachers were very patient and helpful, good exercise book had really good and helpful exercises, but homework should have been with grammar. I lived in a very nice house and bedroom, food was also good, but no wifi and far from the centre. Kizhi was very interesting, rafting was fun, National museum seemed interesting, but didn’t understand much of the Russian tour guide. Volunteers were really helpful and friendly: Nastya, Katya and Dasha were particularly nice.  In general the programme is a really good system. Great teaching and support, helped by the cultural programme. The most remarkable episode was going to the beach with the group from the school. I think it is really helpful to learn Russian in a relaxed environment with a lot of encouragement and authentic Russian experience. Thank you for everything, I’ve really enjoyed my stay!



Elizabeth Tobin, UK

I was really impressed with the quality of teaching, the teachers are kind and patient, all the lessons are well-planned, but more grammar in general would be great! Volunteers were really kind, friendly and fun! Absolutely loved spending time with them! I have had a great time! The quality of the language classes is fantastic, staying with a host family was great for my language!




Riccardo Rubegni, Italy

Il corso è organizzato per fornire gli elementi di conversazione della vita quotidiana tra russi. Permette quindi di integrarsi giorno dopo giorno e le attività culturali organizzate dalla scuola consentono di visitare posti fantastici e naturali. Io partendo da zero ho trovato il corso perfetto e dopo sole 10 lezioni sono stato in grado di fare frasi semplici al tempo presente. L'insegnante, conoscendo un ottimo italiano, ha saputo indirizzare il corso evidenziando i punti critici per un italiano che impara il Russo velocizzando l'apprendimento.





Albert Nederland, Denmark

Comfortable city, nice people, interesting program and mostly good weather. Rafting and Kizhi were very remarkable, National Museum was ok, could be more interactive.

Organization of the program was good, but sometimes info came too suddenly. My Russian is much better now than before!


Danielle Baker, UK

The programme recommended by my Russian language teacher at university, very glad I decided to do the programme! Very good content in relation to conversational speaking (e.g. ordering at restaurants etc). My wishes: possible group/class excursions to town centre to extend vocabulary. Teaching was extremely helpful and very pleasant teachers who are willing and happy to answer our questions. I appreciated visual handouts to consolidate specific vocabulary/verbs of motion. I with I could take CD home (with exercise book provided). I lived with a very nice host family and apartment not too far from town centre. Trip to Kizhi Island was fantastic, once in a lifetime opportunity. Rafting on Shuja river was very entertaining. Very efficient organization of programme, quick responses to queries via e-mail. I would definitely recommend the program for its quality of teaching + opportunity to improve conversational speaking, making new friends etc




Alexander Gaardhoje, Denmark

The content of the course was challenging and fun, it is great that you can choose level – in that case everybody learn something new. I liked the teaching a lot, because the teachers were very skilled and serious. I love the idea of living  among local families instead of a hostel. You get the opportunity to practice Russian another way than in a classroom and meanwhile learn about Russia. I found it is hard to stay with a hostfamily, where nobody speaks English/German… But I liked the fact the volunteers were ready-to-help, it was very nive to have someone local to show the city and tell about it. I’be been to Kizhi, river rafting and the National Museum. Kizhi was excellent! Interesting and not far away from here, the Museum was ok, because it was pretty hard for me to understand the guide, because it was in Russian, rafting was cozy, I had expected it to be wilder, but I enjoyed the Russian nature. In general it was a good experience, challenging and fun!



Kirsi Koivisto, Finland

The content of the course was very good! All the exercises were very useful and the teaching was good. All the volunteers I met were helpful and friendly, their help was very important, especially during the first day, when they helped me to find the bus stop. I was a volunteer in the children’s camp and I loved it, because it was nice to help children with the Finnish language, it was interesting to see how people study Finnish abroad. I am very happy that I was asked to work as a volunteer. I wish I could stay here a bit longer to do something like this.




Mikko Lehtojoki, Finland

The content was good, very intensive and full of new information (surprisingly!). 2 weeks went by very quickly! Hristina is a great teacher! Superb, smiley, funny girk! She is so patient and has a great sense of humor. I wish we could learn more about everyday situations like shopping, going to the café etc. I disliked the National Museum, it was surprisingly boring – too much talking, but Kizhi was ok.



Marie Bogaerts, Belgium

I learned so much that I go home with a good feeling! I really liked the method here. I lived in a very nice place. Both Kivach & Kizhi were s very nice experience. The guides told really interesting stuff. They spoke slowly so we could understand much of it.I think I liked everything about the program. It was a very good experience. It is a very nice, comfortable city to stay in for a couple of weeks.. Everybody (teachers, students, people on the street) are so nice and really want to help you.



Georg Hellwig, Germany

For me it was perfect, because it was my goal – to improve my listening comprehension and get a deep insight into gram.structures. Olga was a perfect teacher. She helped, repeated phrases and it was fun to talk with her. I had a very friendly and nice family. Al the volunteers were very helpful, but I was too old for them. The most remarkable experience – I was invited to the home of university professor by my family. We ate together, drink vodka and talk a lot about everything. Overall I can say that people are very friendly in Petrozavodsk.



Matthaeus Ogi, Switzerland

I think that the content of the language was quite good – relevant themes for the different levels. The teaching was excellent, things were always well explained with good examples, patient and ready to go over topics many times. They corrected our speech and pronunciation which was good. Good teaching materials, especially the dialogues and articles, where you learn new words and Russian way to say things. My living conditions were good. Didn’t have a proper bed, but  had a big sofa-bed with a TV, so it was good. I was able to cook and use the kitchen when I wanted. The family went to dacha a lot so I had time for myself, it was nice to relax. I didn’t go on many excursions, but I heard they were good from others. I think it’d be good to have more guy volunteers. Overall, a well organized program, I really liked it, had a good range of activities and excursions. I really enjoyed hanging out with students from the school after classes. I’d recommend this program to others because it really helped me with improving my Russian. I’d recommend studying for at lest 1 month – to have a real effect.



























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