Learn Russian with friends and save 40 euro!
04/10 2017
Special offer for groups! Come with your friends in a group of 4 and get the 2-week course for 280 euro for tuition (40 lessons of Russian). Dates: May-September. The participants should have the same level in Russian.
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Russian vacation: Petrozavodsk & St. Petersburg



Russian language school “EnjoyRussian” invites you to take part in the unique program “Russian vacation: St. Petersburg & Petrozavodsk” which combines Intensive Russian Courses & Russian homestay in Petrozavodsk and Cultural program in St. Petersburg. 

The program includes 2 parts:


1 week in Petrozavodsk:

Petrozavodsk is the capital of Karelia, the so-called “Pearl of the Russian North”. Petrozavodsk is a small cozy town about 400 km far from St. Petersburg. It is situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Onega (the second largest lake in Europe). Petrozavodsk is an ideal place for those people who come to Russia for the first time.


During the first week of the program the students will enjoy:

  1. Intensive Russian language course in Petrozavodsk:

1-week intensive Russian course includes 25 lessons* (5 lessons a day) in a mini-group with a Russian teacher. Classes take place from Monday to Friday.

We are sure that learning Russian should be both enjoyable and stimulating. The main purpose of the Program is to give necessary and actual knowledge of the Russian language. We try to avoid boring tasks, tiresome grammar examples and reading  huge  textbooks. During the language course our teachers use films, radio and TV programs as means of teaching.

*1 lesson=45 minutes

  1. Russian homestay:

Our students stay in hospitable Russian families to taste traditional foods, get everyday support and learn about life in Russia from within.  We are sure that the best way to reach fast progress in your Russian language is to stay with a Russian family because it’s a real opportunity to practice Russian in everyday situations all day long.

Most students become real friends with their host families and keep in touch for many years after the program. The family helps students to adapt to local conditions and solve any problems if they arise. 

  1. Cultural program:

After the classes the students meet our Russian volunteers who help them to explore the town. We offer various cultural activities, including:

-Walking Excursion around the most remarkable places of the town with Russian volunteers,

-Excursions to the Museums: the Museum of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Karelia, the Museum of industrial history of Petrozavodsk,

- Russian clubs in the School (with Russian teacher and Russian volunteers): Literature club, Movie club, Game club, Discussion club,

- Presentations about students’ Native Countries, National Food Party,

- Places and events of all kinds in the city, e.g.: Russian banya, horse-riding, work shops, bowling club or visiting night clubs.


More about cultural activities in our School please visit:


1 week in St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia. It is an amazing city of majestic architectural ensembles, with plenty of churches, monuments, museums, theaters, and libraries stretching along the banks of the wide and deep Neva. 


During the second week of the program the students will enjoy:

  1. Top sights and attractions in St. Petersburg:

The volunteer from Petrozavodsk will accompany you!

You may choose the activities you’d like to take and places you’d like to visit to create your own group tour! Cultural program in St. Petersburg includes:

-  City tour 

-  Hermitage museum

- Peter and Paul Fortress

- Tsar’s village

- Pavlovsk

- Peterhof

- St. Isaac's Cathedral

- Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

- Yusupov palace

- Night tour with sighting drawbridges

- Dostoevsky's Petersburg

- Grand Maket Rossiya

More about cultural activities in St.Petersburg please visit:

  1. Staying if a modern and welcoming hostel:

The students will stay at a centrally located hostel, just a short walk from Nevsky Prospect, St. Petersburg’s mail avenue.


The program fee: from 355 euros!    

Cultural program fee depends on the chosen activities and is paid upon arrival in Petrozavodsk. Don’t forget your student ID, as many cultural places in St. Petersburg are free or have discounts for students.


Deadline  for applying: 2 months before the program starts.



Questions? Contact your coordinator


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