Learn Russian with friends and save 40 euro!
04/10 2017
Special offer for groups! Come with your friends in a group of 4 and get the 2-week course for 280 euro for tuition (40 lessons of Russian). Dates: May-September. The participants should have the same level in Russian.
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Karla Marksa prospekt 20
185035 Petrozavodsk,
Phone + 7 965 817 18 91
(for calls from Russia you may  use short number 67 18 91)
Fax + 7 8142 78 11 30



One-to-one Russian Courses



Do you prefer the individual Russian lessons at reasonabe cost? Do you need to achieve the specific objectives in the Russian learning for the short period? Are you looking for the colloquial Russian course for beginners?

Welcome to Russian language school "Enjoy Russian" and choose One-to-one Russian course:

VOCABULARY AND CONTENT IS BY YOUR REQUEST: You are welcome to specify your field of interests, which allows us to select material, establish a study-plan and prepare a specific vocabulary for you before the course starts.

FLEXIBLE DATES, INTENSITY AND DURATION: You may start the course any time you wish. One-to-one Russian courses are available all year round and in different intensity: 15, 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week. For 30 lessons or more the student is taught by two teachers.

FAST PROGRESS IN RUSSIAN: We offer well-structured, effective and conversational Russian language course at reasonable cost. You may read the detailed description of the course.

APPROVED BY OTHER STUDENTS: The school exists since 2003, more than 1000 students from all over the world participated in our Russian language courses. You may read their reviews here.

SAFE AND FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT: Our School is located in a small cozy town which completely differs from large, noisy megapolises as Moscow or St. Petersburg. People are friendly, you feel like at home and can always rely on people’s help.


Special offer for March - May 2017. 
Apply for the Individual Russian language course (take at least 40 hours) and save 120 euro!

The cost of the program:

1 week program: 475 euros incl. tuition fee 400 euros (20 hours), homestay fee 75 euro (with breakfast)

4 week program: 1660 euro incl. tuition fee 1360 euro (80 hours), homestay fee 300 euro (with breakfast). Apply for the 4 week program and save 240 euro for tuition fee.


The duration of 1 (academic) hour in Russia: 

45 minutes



Deadline for applications: 

2 months before the program starts for non-EU citizens

1 month before the program starts for EU citizens 

To apply for One-to-one Russian course:


1. Apply on our site

2. Sign the agreement and transfer the application fee 80 euro

3. Apply for Russian visa (we will send you the Invitation letter).

4. Buy tickets and come to Petrozavodsk.


Any more information? Contact the program coordinator 



“The schedule of the Russian lessons was great. The grammar exercises were well-chosen. I can say that I made great progress in learning the Russian language. I didn’t expect to get so many different study materials. My host family was extremely nice and I had a great time. I think that the organisation of the program was great. In terms of improving my Russian language skills, I was really happy with the program.”
Sabine Steger, Austria 





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