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04/10 2017
Special offer for groups! Come with your friends in a group of 4 and get the 2-week course for 280 euro for tuition (40 lessons of Russian). Dates: May-September. The participants should have the same level in Russian.
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Everyone has heard about the famous Russian hospitality. Furthermore, we are sure that the best way of practicing the Russian language is to stay with a Russian family.
Our experience tells us that students staying with families have more progress in their Russian than their classmates who are staying in apartments. Most students meet real friends in their families and keep in touch for many years after the program. The family helps student to adapt to local conditions and solve any problems if they arise.
Our school “Enjoy Russian” guarantees that all our students will be placed in approved Russian families. We have carefully selected all our families. The program coordinator meets each family and examines living conditions. After that all families take part in the training program. We cooperate with more than 50 families.
The cost of a four week program, with breakfast only, is 300 Euros. The cost of a four week program, with breakfast and an evening meal, is 470 Euros.
Some general information about Russian families:
As a rule Russian families are small with only one child. Most families live in small apartments; maximum 4 rooms, kitchen, and one bathroom with a toilet. As a rule young people stay with their parents until 22 (the age of graduation from the university). Some of them live with their parents longer if they have a low paid job and they don’t have any possibility to buy or to rent an apartment.
When young people marry, their parents pay all wedding expenses. After the wedding the parents and the married couple may even live together. There is a strong connection between parents and their kids, most parents support their children throughout their lives. Most young people prefer staying in the same city as their parents so that they have the chance of taking care of them.
Most families prefer celebrating main holidays altogether, such as New Year and Christmas. Most families have summer houses (called “dacha”) not far from the city where they go for weekends. When the spring comes most families go their “dachas” to have a barbecue (called “shashlyk”). If you stay with Russian family you should definitely try it.
Cultural differences:
There are some cultural differences which you should be aware of that helps you to avoid having a negative experience and to enjoy staying with a Russian family.
-                   Russians are very hospitable and try to treat their guests only the best. At dinner you may be urged to take a second helping and try every dish. Please note you may have to say “no” several times before the hostess accepts your answer.
-                   Russians often protest when they are offered a gift. Reply that it is a little something and offer the gift again and it will generally be accepted.
-                   If you are invited to a Russian house, remove your outdoor shoes. You may be offered slippers to wear.
-                   Russians are shy people and may refuse your help the first time you offer. Asking “Are you sure?” allows your host to accept your help.
-                   Russian hosts consider themselves as responsible for your stay in Russia and they will take care of you a lot. On the first day of the program you may discuss the rules of your stay. If you plan to come late or stay in another place for the night, please, inform your family about that.


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