Our teaching methods

We do not teach the Russian language… We teach how to use the Russian language to communicate with people in Russian. Our teaching method comprises different modern principles and techniques:

* Communicative language teaching (you learn the language in use, you do not study it as a boring science, you obtain skills of using Russian to communicate with people);

* Audio-lingual method (new language is first heard and extensively drilled before being seen in its written form);

* Game-based learning (our teachers use various board and active games to make language learning a fun and easy thing to do);

* Project-based learning (at the end of the course our students create a project that allows them to combine everything they’ve learned to create something new. It can be a short movie, a song, an article, a story, a photo slideshow with student’s descriptions – anything that will show how well you can use the language you’ve learned);

* Immersion (apart from the classes our students use Russian in the street, with their host families, in the excursions and meetings with volunteers. It’s impossible not to start speaking Russian if you are forced to use it all day long).