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И не надейся, что с тобой будут говорить только по-английски!

If you planning to visit Moscow or St. Petersburg this summer, you probably won’t need these useful phrases in Russian. But if your destination is somewhere in the Far East or Northern parts of our country, keep the list somewhere close. To begin with, we would like to say that people in Russia (especially in small friendly towns) are always ready to help you no matter where exactly you approach to them – at the streets, in the shop, near the restaurant. So don’t worry if you get lost or just need advice on what movie to choose. Just start the conversation!

5 ways to start Russian conversation

So, here we go. The first advice you should follow is DO NOT WORRY ABOUT YOUR PRONUNCIATION AND GRAMMAR! There is a belief that Russians are like “coconuts” with the hard upper layer and delicious feeling. It means that the first impression is something you might forget about and don’t be stressed out with. And now learn these phrases by heart:

*if you are invited to a party with many people, use these phrases

5 ways to switch the topic

If you feel like changing the topic or your partner is just beating around the bush, make sure you know these phrases to switch to something else or come closer to the point:

5 ways to come to an end (politely!)

And know 5 phrases to say goodbye in Russian, wish a good day or say THANK YOU. KEEP IN MIND: Russians always say DAVAJ (ДАВАЙ) to say GOOD BYE. The crack of a matter is that this word has at least 2 meanings depending on a situation – LET’S (let’s go the library) and BYE (bye bye, see you soon!). But at the end of the conversation, you definitely need the second meaning.

* BONUS: lesson with ENJOY RUSSIAN SCHOOL teacher Alina

Do you need more practice? Choose a Skype course HERE or come to Petrozavodsk and join a group of the same level. Ну давай, пока! 🙂