Our teachers

Our teachers

All our Russian language teachers are experienced professionals. They know exactly what foreign students of any age and language level need when they come to Petrozavodsk to learn Russian. But teaching Russian as a foreign language is a difficult job that requires many special skills from a teacher. Our Russian language teachers always do their best to grow professionally and to be aware of new teaching methods and creative technologies. All our Russian language teachers are native speakers. But all of them speak foreign languages (English, French, German, Greek, Finnish, Chinese etc) and that makes the process of the Russian language learning more comfortable for our students, especially for Beginners in Russian.

Katerina Astafieva

Russian as a foreign language

Being in love with the Russian language, culture, traditions and people, I am truly happy to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with my students.

Olga Yartseva

German philology

Thanks to my job I have an amazing opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world and help them to learn Russian as a foreign language.

Olga Eliseeva

Сlassical philology

I find it very interesting to teach foreigners Russian and to find its interesting similarities with other languages.

Alina Aloshyna

Russian as a foreign language

I love my job, because I can see the results of my work right away.

Natalia Kazakova

Baltic and Finnish Philology and Culture

We don’t only learn how to speak Russian, we learn to love the Russian language.

Evgenia Laverycheva

The English language and literature

I love it when my students ask me lots of questions, both linguistic and cultural, even if it sometimes takes me hours to find the answers. Yet I do it with pleasure.

Natalia Fomina

Philology. Russian as a Foreign Language

I like learning something new about traditions and cultures of other countries.

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