Support of Russian volunteers

Support of Russian volunteers

Russian language school “Enjoy Russian” offers their students the unique possibility to meet Russian youth. Our volunteers are young Russian students and adluts who are interested and motivated to communicate with foreign students. They all don’t want to spend their free time sitting at home and watching TV. They have chosen an active way of life. That means they are ready to create and hold different meetings and presentations for foreign students.

Our Russian volunteers

will help you to adapt to the Russian atmosphere. You always can ask them to help you find your host family apartment, a cinema, a mall, etc. “EnjoyRussian” takes care of all foreign students who come to the school to learn Russian and does its best to enable comfort study process and leisure time. “EnjoyRussian” has made friends with many young people and adults who are willing to help and communicate with foreigners in Petrozavodsk.

They will show you the city and tell about it, help with procedures like going to the bank, shops, cafes, theaters etc. They will join you during diverse cultural activities and involve you to the city life. If you are limited with the Russian language skills they will talk to you both in Russian and English.

They will become a part of your life and good friends in “EnjoyRussian” Language School.

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