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No matter whether you’ve been reading our blog for a while or it’s the first time you’re here, you probably think: “Ok, guys, your school is great. But there are so many great schools! Why do I need to choose you?” Today we would like to give you a direct answer!

1. A wide range of programs for everyone!

We’re absolutely convinced that anyone can learn Russian, that’s why we provide such a wide variety of different courses. We teach our student online and offline, individually, in pairs and in small groups, have groups for seniors, and so on. No matter what particular needs you have, you can definitely find a program at our school that fits you the best. Plus to this, all our teachers are Russian native speakers with a huge teaching experience, and we’ve been developing and correcting our courses for 16 years, so you can be sure they are effective. 

Enjoy Russian school students

2. Our students live in Russian host families.

That’s probably one of the most important characteristics of our school. We’ve been working with exchange students for a long time, and we know exactly what difficulties they often face. Living in a foreign country can be challenging, especially for those who haven’t had such experience before, so it’s crucial to provide students with 24/7 support. That’s why our student live in host families which create the atmosphere of love, care and understanding. More than that, it helps our students to get a full image of Russian lifestyle: you can watch a million of Russian movies, but it will be nothing compared to living with real Russian people, sharing their habits, meeting their friends, watching their everyday life. Of course, that also gives our students full language immersion. Some of our host families don’t know a word in English, so our students speak Russian with native speakers all day long. That’s why they make such a fast progress!

Students live in host families

3. Our students spend a lot of time with Russian volunteers.

We care about full language and cultural immersion of our students, and we’re convinced that even living in a host family isn’t enough for that. Our students also spend their spare time with Russian speaking friends. Our volunteers are always glad to show them Petrozavodsk, go to a cafe together, help with any problems and answer any questions. Our students and volunteers have a lot of fun hanging out together and become real friends. Most of them keep in touch even long after that.

Students and Russian volunteers

4. Our students meet people from different countries.

It’s all not only about Russian – and that’s another important characteristic of our school. Our students come from a lot of different countries and speak different languages. They would probably never meet if they didn’t come to our school! Our students from different corners of the world study together, go to cultural activities, communicate and support each other. They’re all gathered by the same goal: make the most of this experience. That’s why they easily find a common language and become close friends. A lot of them keep their friendship after their stay in Russia, talk on Skype and visit each other’s countries.

5. We offer a lot of cultural activities.

Kivach, Kizhi, Ruskeala, Kinerma… There are so many fascinating places in Karelia! If you chose to study Russian in Petrozavodsk, you’re really lucky, because that region is a real embodiment of Russian North beauty. We offer our students a lot of exciting excursions and trips. More than that, we arrange a lot of activities at our school, museums, Karelian dancing and cooking classes, board games and national food parties. We can guarantee to our students that they will have a lot of fun every day of their stay in Russia!

Students learn how to make Kaarelian pies

Join our courses and enjoy all the advantages of our school!