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Art festival LASTOCHKA (what means a swallow bird) is a unique and young project based in Petrozavodsk. It is a nonprofit festival, exhibition, concert, poetry evening and performance – all in one. It’s a chance to dive into the independent creative world of Petrozavodsk presented by audio-visual and digital perfomances and more familiar traditional drawing techniques.

Exhibition of Petrozavodsk artists

But not only artists from Petrozavodsk take part, this year more than 50 participants from all over Russia ( from Murmansk to Yakutsk) gathered together to share their ideas  (by the way two “EnjoyRussian” School volunteers took part too). There are no restrictions and rules and that’s exactly when you can say “I am an artist and that’s my point of view”.

Feliz and his new friends in Petrozavodsk

Our student Felix from Scotland visited art festival several times during his staying. Felix is an artist, photographer, musician, and filmmaker known as Дinsку. Thus his review “that’s very very very cool, every work is so impressive” can be considered as an expert opinion 🙂 Surely next time we will present his photos of Petrozavodsk  at the exhibition. Together with Felix we may conclude that visiting such events is a perfect way to learn more about people in Petrozavodsk, its underground life.

Join our courses, discover Petrozavodsk with us and become a part of its cultural life as a viewer or even as a participant!