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American guests from Andover wrote rap songs in Russian and met Russian teens!

Andover is “the state of being curious about everything”. This summer 11 students from Phillips Academy have proved they can do everything even if it comes to learning Russian. 13 days of classes, 3 teachers and thousands of Russian words are never to be forgotten. Katya Astafieva, one of Enjoy Russian school teachers: “I was impressed. They are ambitious, willing to learn Russian grammar and always have a broader view of the problem. Their final day presentations in Russian were just WOW!” Let’s see what the guys had been doing and what they think about the full Russian immersion!

Andover’s “event guide” every American should experience when in Russia

  • Visit National + Art museums
  • Jump into the lake to cool down after Russian banya!
  • Learn traditional Karelian dances
  • Watch a movie in Russian
  • Take the Theatre backstage tour
  • Take a masterclass in traditional northern arts
  • Play laser tag with Russian friends
  • Go to datcha with a Russian host family

Since Enjoy Russian students always experience full Russian immersion in Petrozavodsk, we asked American teens to play volleyball with the Russian teens who participated in the International English Summer Camp. Now it’s really hard to remember who was more excited about that!

Day X – time to present projects in Russian

Group’s leader Kassie: “The teachers were so impressed with the presentations! The students used the Russian language to share their talents and interests. They made art, wrote stories, comics and blogs, researched cars, gravity, and sports, and even wrote songs!”

What did the guys like about Enjoy Russian experience?

Romulus: “Very fun, lots of learning. I improved speaking and listening. Talking to Russian kids of our age was the most helpful”

Tyler: “My host family was amazing! I definitely want to keep in touch with them. They were always helpful, kind, attentive, fun and loving”

Grace: “Cultural program was excellent. Got to experience and learn about a wide variety of Russian customs. Volunteers were awesome! Great help in finding places to go and hanging out with us, lots of fun”

Suzanne: “Great experience! Russia is an incredible place that I think everyone – especially those studying the language – should see”

Next stop – St. Petersburg

After 2 weeks at Enjoy Russian guys took a trip to St. Petersburg, visited museums and cathedrals, climbed up the collonades, were enjoying the bridges raise. Amazing wrap up of a Russian journey.

Are you 14-18 y/o? Would you like to have an amazing Russian journey? Join us next summer! Apply here