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Ech-poch-mak, cats or where to go in Kazan

Welcome to Enjoy Russian school blog! Tomorrow Russian city Kazan is going to celebrate 1014 birthday and today we decided to go a little bit further from just observing cuisine or the most interesting places in historic and cultural center of Tatarstan republic (you may find 5 interesting facts HERE. We will tell you about places to check out if you travel on budget.

Metro in Kazan. 25 rur

5 first stations were put in service in 2005 when the city was celebrating the 1000 anniversary. By the way, It was included in the Guinness Book as the shortest one in the world. Nowadays it consists of 11 stations united by the only central line. All the necessary information is given in English, Russian and Tatar languages. Why do we recommend visiting it? Because the stations themselves are gorgeous. One of the most beautiful stations is Kremlyovskaya located in the very center of Kazan. Stain-glass artwork and small pinnacles will definitely catch your attention. One more station to visit is Ploshad’ Thukaya (Площадь Тукая) where you can find characters from famous Tatar fairytales written by Gabdullah Thukai.

Temple of all religions (also known as Universal Temple). 100 rur

As you can see from the name, the Temple unites different religions and has no prototypes in the world. Here you will find Pagoda, mosque, Orthodox cathedral and synagogue standing wall by wall to each other. Impressive, isn’t it? The most surprising thing here is that travelers have very controversial opinions about it. Just compare these two 1) actually, it was the only one place in Kazan I didn’t like! I can not understand why people get so excited about visiting this place. Total flatness. 2) It is a very unordinary and breathtaking place which is definitely worth visiting. Never ever had I seen something similar! So the conclusion is as follows – go and take a look by yourself.

The most famous cat in Kazan – Alabrys. FREE

Cats are extremely loved by all Kazan citizens. They are known all over the country as the best mouse catchers. Cat Alabrys Monument, where you can make a wish, is especially loved by tourists. It is located near the Kremlin closer to Bauman street. According to the legend, cats from Kazan were worth its weight in gold in Russian imperial family. They were brought over to the palace by the Empress Elizabeth’ order. Nowadays cats remain one of the symbols of Kazan.

Street art masterpieces. FREE

Have you been to Reykjavik? It is probably one of the most famous street art centers in the world. Kazan may get the second position in a race. There are works of world-famous artists from Brazil, Italy, Spain, Poland gathered mostly on the outskirts (but worth visiting). From time to time different types of buildings (from urban housing to heating plants) serve as a blank canvas for graffiti festival participants. If you plan to stay in Kazan for more than 3 days, leave a couple hours and get closer to those masterpieces.

Singing fountains. FREE

If you happen to stay in Kazan in summer take a walk to singing fountains. Of course, such entertainment might be found in almost every city, but only in Kazan you can enjoy singing/dancing fountains and eat national desserts – chak-chak, talkysh kaleve (basically pyramids made of honey, flour and butter) or ech-poch-mak (triangle pies with potato-meat filling).

To sum up, there are lots of places to take a look at in Kazan. Just be ready to wear comfortable shoes and get your camera ready. And if you need to learn Russian prior to your trip feel free to take individual or Skype course with Enjoy Russian teachers! 😊