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12-week Intensive Russian course

is for all those who are focused on Intensive longtime work, outstanding results and various cultural activities!

Autumn in Karelia is amazing time as you can experience three different seasons during three months! You can still enjoy outdoor activities as the weather is good and sunny in September. You will admire picturesque and colourful scenery and shuffle leaves along the pavement in October. Famous go-summer period will give you so many unforgettable feelings and cool pictures! And you will even see the first snow at the end of November!

What will you do in Karelia if you join 12 week Russian course from September 4 till November 24?

– you’ll go fishing
– you’ll pick mashrooms and berries in beautiful Autumn forest
– you’ll have last chance to visit “must see” places in Russia– one of the largest open air museums in Russia – Kizhi (unique historical, cultural and natural complex), the second large in Europe Kivach Waterfall (the first one is Rhein Waterfalls), Valaam Island, The Solovetsky Islands (six islands located in the waters of the White Sea in northern Russia, just 165km from the Arctic Circle) etc.
– you’ll meet many Russian students in the city as academic year starts in September
-you’ll visit theatres in Petrozavodsk as many of them will be open again after summer vacation
-you’ll visit Philharmonic Hall with various musical performances
-you’ll participate in workshops

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