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Best travel job ever. Anastasia about her experience of working as a manager at Enjoy Russian

If you love traveling it’s not necessary to go somewhere. Sometimes life brings you the opportunity to WORK and stay travel-related at the same time. Enjoy Russian School in Petrozavodsk – is one of the most international places in the whole Russian North. People come to explore, to immerse into the Russian culture and get carried away by the unique atmosphere. One second you see the Italians teaching the locals how to speak with no words (only with gestures), next second you meet the Australians telling the stories about nomads of New Zeland… Thousands of students from all over the world! Many people dream about working here, but not everyone is given a chance. This summer Anastasia has had the best travel job ever – she was working as a manager for students’ cultural activities. If you visited our school recently you probably met Nastya:)

Nastya was responsible for organizing different activities for the students: dancing classes, traditional cooking workshops, trips to Kizhi, waterfalls, nearest villages-museums, Banya! Honestly her job should have been called “Happy moments creator”!

Tell us, Nastya, how was it at Enjoy Russian?

When I think about the beginning of my work I always recall this moment: I’m signing the papers. I’m signing them and it means that I’ll be in slavery for the next 5 months, almost half of the year. I’ll be a manager for foreign students who learn Russian in Petrozavodsk. Maybe now it seems that I know what to do, but what if I fail?
As it turned out, I gained experience – the most crucial point in lifelong learning. Thanks to my colleague Maria I received organization, time-management and communication skills. Now I’m not scared of calling unknown people and having a chunk of money to pay bills.

Thanks to the head of the school Natalia now I’m a manager in the cinema school Labcinema.space and my duty is based on my previous work.
It was my first “adult” job and I coped with it pretty well although I wouldn’t manage to do it all alone. I’d like to thank everyone for patience and affability. Have a good time, see you!

Now it is YOUR turn to meet Enjoy Russian team in Petrozavodsk. Russian courses are available all year round, from 1 to 12 weeks, individual learning or group lessons. Just make a choice and come:)

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