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3 Soviet movies for Russian learners

Last week our students went to the bar “Kultura” (which is popular in Petrozavodsk among young people) to see a great Soviet comedy “Operation Y and Shurik’s other adventures”. The film was shown with Russian subtitles to make it a little easier for our students to understand the fluent Russian speech. 
Like many Soviet films, this movie is a great example of Russian culture, humor and mentality. That is why this activity was really beneficial for our students: they got to understand Russian lifestyle and characters better!
This reminded us to tell you a little more about movies that will enrich your knowledge or Russian culture. We have already discussed a few Soviet movies, but there are still lots of amazing films to talk about!
Let’s start with the movie our students have watched:

“Operation Y and Shurik’s other adventures”

“Операция Ы и другие приключения Шурика” is a comedy about a naive and funny student Shurik who often gets intro ridiculous situations. This movie consists of 3 independent stories about Shurik; our students watched the second one, “Наваждение”. In this part Shurik is preparing for an exam at university and falling in love with a girl.
The story illustrates Soviet lifestyle really well, that is why it still remains so popular and interesting to watch. The words “Надо, Федя, надо” from this movie became a catch phrase in Russian: it is used when you ask a person to do something necessary but unpleasant and the person doesn’t want to do it. In some Russian cities, including Moscow, you can find monuments to Shurik and the girl he likes.

Soviet movies

The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”

This movie with an unusual title is probably the most favorite Soviet movie of all Russians. It is a Russian tradition to watch “Иронию судьбы” on New Year’s eve. The movie is about Zhenya and Nadya who live in Moscow and Leningrad respectively and don’t know each other, but meet by accident right at the New Year and fall in love. 
The film is also a great illustration of Soviet culture. It is often unclear to foreigners because the main joke of the film is about one of the attributes of Soviet lifestyle: the houses in different cities were built in a ridiculously similar way. 
If you’re interested in Russian culture, this film is a must-watch for you! All the songs that sounded in the film became classic Soviet songs, and all the Russians know who Zhenya, Nadya and Ippolit are.

The Irony of Fate

“The Girls”

“Девчата” is one of the most famous Soviet movies. It’s about a 18-year-old Tosya and a handsome logger Ilya who bets with his friend that Tosya will fall in love with him.
The film shows Soviet life in 1960s and is especially interesting because of its female characters. That is why it was released right before the International Women’s Day.
The film is loved by Russians for its kind humor and a simple, but very romantic story. Tosya Kislitsyna became a common noun for a naive, ingenuous and brave girl. The main actress Nadezhda Rumyantseva gained huge popularity because of the movie, and the songs from the film (“Хорошие девчата”, “Старый клён”) became Soviet classic.

the girls - soviet movie

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