Russian speaking clubs

We invite all foreign students to participate in the Russian speaking clubs which are held once a week at EnjoyRussian language school. The Russian club is a good place where you can practice your Russian, watch Russian films, discuss Russian books and play Russian games. The professional Russian teacher leads the club. The language of the club is Russian (available for all levels). Don’t be afraid of speaking Russian and even making mistakes. The teacher will help you to correct them and if necessary will explain everything in English. You will not only learn many new exciting things about our country, its people and culture, but practice the language, learn how to express your thoughts and feelings in Russian and have a great time in a good company.

The participation fee is 300 rubles. The duration is 90 minutes.

Sometimes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Watching Russian movies and cartoons of different times is a wonderful way to discover foreign history and cultures. Architecture and views of the cities and villages, women’s dresses and men’s costumes, people’s appearance and behavior etc. You can easily get acquainted to famous people and events through the eyes of Russian producers.

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You are fascinated with great classic writings “War and peace”, “Anna Karenina”, “Crime and punishment” and want to read them in Russian? In our school your wishes will come true! By each meeting of the club you’ll read excerpts from the novels by the greatest Russian authors. May be you are interested in modern Russian literature? In this case stories by nowadays popular writer, dramatist, stage director, actor Yevgeni Grishkovetz won’t leave you untouched.


These weird Russians, Russian way of life, relationships between men and women, traditions, food, culture, policy etc. You will choose with your teacher any topic you want to discuss and prepare to our spirited discussions.


Relax, but don’t forget about Russian. This is the idea! You can play various table games and practice the Russian language and communicate with other Russians. Such informal meetings with Russian teacher and other locals help you to learn the language easily.


Agnieszka Bielecka, UK

We really liked the literature club and we are looking forward to the next meeting. I am passionate about literature and I often get involved in similar events. This was the first time I did it in Russian! It was interesting to discuss a story by a contemporary Russian writer.  Having to express our views and observations in Russian was a very good practice and challenge.

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