EnjoyRussian language school offers interesting excursions for our students. We believe that cultural program is the main part of Russian Language Immersion. Visiting different places you know more about the history, the way of living, art and practice your Russian. Choose any excursion and join us.

The students enjoy visiting the Local History museum. The museum presents several excursions about the local nature and history of Karelia. You’ll get to know interesting facts about Petrozavodsk and Karelia you will never find in the books.

The duration is 1-1.5 hours. The price includes the entrance ticket, russian speaking guide and interpreting.

The price is 500 roubles/per person (for the group of 4 students)

The museum of Fine Arts in Petrozavodsk has a good collection of icons, from the 15th century onwards, and colorful examples of local embroidery and painted distaffs. More excitingly, the museum has examples of work by Russia’s finest 19th century painters. Don’t miss this beauty of art.

The duration is 1-1,5 hours. Price includes: entrance fee, guided tour, school guide.

The price is 250 roubles/per person (in group of 4 people)

We offer you the unforgettable boat trip to Kizhi museum. It is located on the island in Onega Lake. The picturesque lake, wooden churches, mills and peasants’ houses attract a lot of tourists. Here you will have rest in the nature as well as see a lot of masterpieces of Russian wooden architecture.

The “Kizhi” museum is one of the largest museums of peasants’ culture in the North of Russia that preserves the richest collections of the architectural heritage. The Kizhi museum has more than 90 pieces of the traditional wooden architecture including the gem of Russian North – the architectural ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost that is under the auspices of UNESCO. Kizhi is one of the 300 heritages classified by UNESCO.

Duration: 6,5 hours (incl. 2,5 hours of travel time by boat). Price includes:  boat tickets, entrance fee, guided tour, school guide.

The price (individual tour) – 7 500 roubles/per person
The price (group tour) – 5300 roubles/per person (for the group of 4 students)

We invite you to the nature excursion to Waterfall Kivach and Church of Assumption.

State preserve “Kivach” is situated in the Southern part of Karelia on the river Suna, one of the biggest rivers in Karelia. Preserve was established in 1931. Its area constitutes 10.5 hectares. Kivach Waterfalls is the second large in Europe (the first one is Rhine Waterfalls). The height of the waterfalls is 10.7 meters.

Church of Assumption strikes by its height (42 м) graphic distinct silhouette. It is considered to be the most perfect among Russian octahedron buildings. It is located on the cape in the Onega Lake.

The duration is 5 hours. The price includes the bus transfer, tickets, lunch in cafe and guide in English.

The price (group tour) – 3 100 roubles/per person (for the group of 4 students).

Would you like to experience everyday life of the Karelians in the end of the 19th century and try to cook national dish such as “kalitki”? You even don’t need time machine! Just join us and visit ancient Kinerma village (by the way, a unique monument of Russian wooden architecture)!

In 2016 Kinerma was included in The Most Beautiful Villages in Russia.

The price is 2000 roubles per/person (for the group of 4 students).

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