Free activities

Here you will find the information about free activities you may enjoy after your Russian classes – welcome meeting, national food party and presentations day “My country”. We organize these activities where all school’s staff, families and volunteers may participate.

On the first day we organize welcome meeting for all our guests. We invite you for a welcome cup of tea with all school’s staff and after our volunteer will give one hour guide around the central part of Petrozavodsk. You will know where to eat healthy food, where to drink a cup of Karelian tea with Karelian pies, where to meet interesting people, where to buy souvenirs, clothes, books at reasonable price.

Usually we organize National Food party on the second week. If the weather is good we make it outside, if not – at the school or cafe nearby. Everyone cooks some national meal and bring it to the party. At first we discuss the ingredients and change the recipes in the Russian. And then we just enjoy the food and communication.

It is always interesting to know other people, countries and traditions. Who can present it better than natives? So we arrange such a meeting for all foreigners studying in our school and volunteers working with us. One student or a group of students from one country tell about it, show pictures, play national games, sing songs etc.

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