Long journeys and active leisure in Russia.

Long journeys and active leisure in Russia!

EnjoyRussian school students in Saint-Petersburg

Summer is a great time to explore Republic of Karelia and nearby cities. Petrozavodsk has a truly great location.
You can easily visit the most interesting and popular historical and religious sights on the North of Russia: Solovetsky and Valaam Monasteries, located on the islands with a unique nature, one of the most beautiful villages in Russia –  Kinnerma village.
If you are a nature lover, enjoy rafting down the river in the karelian wood or take a trip to astonishing marble canyon “Ruskeala”.
The most adventurous can take a fast train to nearby cities: magnificent Saint Petersburg or Velikiy Novgorod.
Enrich your Summer Russian language course in Russia with long journeys and active leisure.


Experience this recreational outdoor activity on Shuya river in Karelia. Become a part of a team, drive inflatable raft, navigate the river and admire the scene around you!  After rafting enjoy your camp lunch near the fire. Different routes and levels of complexity for beginners and experienced.
Lunch and equipment are included into the price.

Duration ~ 5 hr
The price is 1800 roubles per person.

Studnents try rafting in Karelia

Rafting in Karelia with EnjoyRussian School

Trip to Saint-Petersburg

Visit one of the most beautiful cities in Russia that is rightly named its cultural capital. You definitely will be impressed by majestic and quite beauty as well as modernity of the north capital. Saint-Petersburg is like a big open air museum: cathedrals, churches, palaces, monuments, bridges. Just spend one day walking its streets and you will be able to differ baroque from empire style. Don’t miss a chance to visit one of the greatest museum in the world – the Hermitage, or enjoy Russian ballet. If you still got some energy left, dive into the Saint-Petersburg bright nightlife and meet adventures!

The cost of the trip depends on the amount of people.

Students in Saint-Petersburg

"Enjoy Russian" school in SPBSrudents in SPB

Trip to Velikiy Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod is one of the most important historic cities in Russia. Now there is a direct train from Petrozavodsk to Veliky Novgorod. We’ll arrange hotel and good guide for you in order you can relax and enjoy your trip!

The price depends on the amount of participants.

Students trip to Velikiy Novgorod"Enjoy Russian" school are taking trip to Velikiy Novgorod

Trip to Mountain Park "Ruskeala" and historic village "Kinnerma"

Mountain Park Ruskeala is a gem of Northen Karelia. Ruskeala is marble mine canyon that was used for industrial purposes and now is one of the outstanding natural monument in Karelia. Enjoy astonishing landscapes and explore marble caves.

Kinnerma historic village is one of the most ancient villages in Karelia. There are several houses founded in the 18th and 19th centiries. Several families are still living there and receiving guests! There is a museum and chapel. In 2016 Kinerma was included in The Most Beautiful Villages in Russia.

Duration ~ 10 hrs
The price is 5700 roubles per/person in a group of 4 people (lunch is included into the price)


Kinnerma village

Valaam Monastery

Valaam Monastery is located on the largest island in Lake Ladoga, which is the largest lake in Europe.  The monastery was grounded in the 14-th century and have been one of the main attractions on the North for visitors from all over the world. Monastery with its long history, northern forests, blue lake and silence make this place magnetic and unforgettable.

Duration ~ 12 hrs
The price is about 9500 roubles per/person in a group of 4 people (lunch is included into the price)

Valaam Monastery
"Enjoy Russian" school are taking trip to Vallam

"Enjoy Russian" school are taking trip to Vallam "Enjoy Russian" school are taking trip to Vallam

Solovetsky Monastery

Solovetsky monastery is a fortified monastery located on the Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea in northern Russia. It was one of the largest Christian citadels in northern Russia before it was converted into a Soviet prison and labor camp.  The Solovetsky Monastery is also an historical museum. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Duration ~ 16 hrs
The price is about 9000 roubles per person in a group of 4 people. Transport is for extra pay. 

Trip to Solovetsky mpnastery

"Enjoy Russian" school are taking trip to Solovki
"Enjoy Russian" school are taking trip to Solovki

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