Sport, rafting, banya, horse riding

Sport activities, rafting, Russian banya, horse riding. There is a lot to do for people who prefer active spending time. You are welcome to choose any activities and enjoy your vacation with EnjoyRussian language school.

Petrozavodsk offers a lot of sport facilities: bowling, gym, swimming, indoor rock climbing, trampoline center, skiing and skating. Please ask the program’s coordinator and she provides you with all detailed information.

Rafting is one of the most popular extreme activities in Karelia. You will spend about two hours rowing down the Shuya River. Then you will have dinner sitting round the fire in the Karelian forest. Don’t forget to take your change dry clothes, cause be sure you’ll be totally wet! Duration: 5,5 – 6 hours (incl. 2 hours road there and back)

• Take change of clothes and extra sport shoes with you!
• If you want to use your camera please take sealed package for it. So you can keep it safe from water.

For extra pay (if you want something from the list below you should pay to the rafting people in cash):
• you can have photo or video of your rafting by professional photographer , the price for the disk is about 500 roubles
• Souvenirs
• Branded T-shirt

The price 1850 roubles/per person (for the group of 4 students). The price includes: round trip ticket, briefing, equipment, rafting, lunch.

You can’t leave Russia without having visited the Russian banya. It is the place where you can not only wash yourself, but also improve your health!At the same time banya is another Russian tradition of peaceful relaxing and communicating in special warm atmosphere.

Russian banya’s recipe for success is “steam+heat”. Temperature inside is about 70C and humidity is almost 100%. It allows to warm-up human’s body deeply. To make this process more effective different brooms (oak, birch, pine etc.) are used for massage.

Visit to the horse stable in a picturesque place in district with forest and lake in Petrozavodsk. You will go riding with a coach and the host of the stable will tell you about horses and activities they have.

The price is 1500 roubles. Duration is 1 hour.

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