Most of the students who are going to learn Russian in our language school worry about the same things. We’ve made a list of frequently asked questions in order to make the travel arrangements process easier for our students. “EnjoyRussian” language school is ready to assist the students and provide necessary information.

How to get to Petrozavodsk?

Firstly you need to book a flight/train to Moscow, St. Petersburg or Finland and from there you can come to Petrozavodsk!

  1. If you arrive to St.Petersburg you may choose:
    – night train (8 hours)
    – daily train (5 hours)
    – private car is also possible (6 hours of road)
  2. If you arrive to Moscow, you may
    – book night train (about 14 hours)
    – take a flight to airport not far from Petrozavodsk (2 hours flight)
    Your hostfamily will pick you up at Petrozavodsk railway station.
  3. We can also arrange a mini-bus transfer for you from Helsinki or other Finnish city. The price is 55 euros (from Helsinki), it will take 12-16 hours. The driver will meet you at the airport and bring you directly to your host family.

How to become a student of the "EnjoyRussian" Language School?

Step by step what you should do to become a student of the “EnjoyRussian” Language School:

1) Apply for the Russian language course on our website 
2) Pass the Russian level test online
3) Sign the contracts which I’ll send to you after registration for the course
4) Send the signed contracts back to me and a copy of your passport (via e-mail)
5) Transfer the application fee to our euro account https://www.paypal.me/enjoyrussia
6) As soon as I get the application fee I will send you a short list of questions required for your Invitation letter.
7) After I get information from you I will send you the scanned Invitation letter
8) As soon as you get the invitation letter you should go to the embassy to apply for your visa.

Could you make an Invitation letter for a Russian visa?

We’ll send you Invitation letter to apply for a Russian visa. We can give you the invitation letter for the period of your staying in Petrozavodsk + 1 or 2 extra weeks for travelling befor/after the course (max. 90 days). You will receive an Invitation letter after registration for the program and application fee payment.

What kind of visa can I get?

A student can receive only single-entry Russian visa (if a student apply for it with our Invitation letter). Visa is valid for the duration of the course plus several days for the trip.

Can I pay tuition fee before arrival?

Yes, you can pay tuition fee before arrival to the School. Students Advisor will explain how to do it.

How do you choose A Russian family for students?

Please follow this link to get more information about Russian hostfamily.

When can I arrive to my host family?

If a Russian language program start on Monday students can arrive to the host family in advance, e.g. on Saturday or Sunday. Students pay homestay fee for 14 days (2 week program), 30 days (4 week program). So it includes weekends before and after classes. If students want to come earlier or stay longer they will pay extra for each day. It is necessary to tell about the plans beforehand.

Arrival and the first day of the "EnjoyRussian" Language School

– Your host family will pick you up from the station in Petrozavodsk and get home. Just send your arrival details to our Students Advisor in advance.
– On the first day of the program the host family will accompany you to the School, show you the nearest bus stop and explain how to get back home.
– There will be Introduction meeting in the School before classes. You will get acquainted with Education Coordinator, Program Coordinator and Students Advisor. They will tell you about School facilities, educational process, test your oral level of Russian language (if needed), present you cultural activities program, give you our city map, local sim card and tell you what to do next. Students Advisor will take your passport and Migration card (please take along them), you will sign agreements for tuititon fee, make payments for your homestay and learning materials.
– There will be coffee break with all the students, teachers and school staff.
– After classes you will meet our Russian volunteers to have a lunch, to go to bank, mobile office, shop (if needed), activate sim-card etc. And they will help you to get home.

Schedule of classes

The classes are hold from Monday till Friday.

For groups:
from 10:00 am till 11:30 am (2 academic hours of classes)
from 11:30 am till 12:00 (coffee break)
from 12:00 till 13:30 pm (2 academic hours of classes)

In summer time the classes are held in the morning 09.00 -12.15 and after lunch 12.30 – 15.45.

For individual students the schedule is made out according to their requirements.  Usually individual student has 2-5 academic hours of classes per day.

Final certificate

At the end of the course each student gets a Certificate. The Certificate contains information about the name and the duration of the program, amount of hours and students’ Russian language level on different language aspects (according to the CEFR).

If you don’t find necessary question you can always contact our Students Advisor

Apply for a course. Our coordinator will contact you within 24 hours