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7 facts about HBO’s Chernobyl historians put “inaccurate label’ on

In the last few days, people from all over the world were waiting for the final episode of Chernobyl mini-series (by the way it was rated as the highest scored television mini-series). Even though the story of the world’s worst nuclear disaster was told in a very convincing and realistic way there are many inaccuracies historians and witnesses keep talking about. Today Enjoy Russian School tells about 7 main doubtful facts to be taken into account.

Chernobyl’s plot for those who didn’t watch: mini-series tells the story of a nuclear catastrophe which took place in 1986 at the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine (Soviet Union). Soviet authorities, plant workers and scientists want to reveal the truth – what was the main reason for the disaster which happened on April 26? 

  1. First of all, many hypothetical facts were shown. For example, the second explosion that could wipe out all the population in the region ( Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Czechoslovakia and Romania) was almost impossible to happen.
  2. Uliana Khomyk, a nuclear physicist from Minsk, is a composite character depicting many scientists who were involved in “nuclear cleaning up” and looking for the solution.
  3. 3 workers of Chernobyl power plant who died while helping to drain the water from the basement underneath the reactor completed their task successfully and one of them had been living for 20 years more after the explosion.
  4. To deal with the consequences of the explosion lunar vehicles were used. Actually, there was a decision to bring heavy dozers that were produced on one of the Soviet factories.
  5. Dead birds on the ground were also an exaggeration. According to the historical data,  birds hit by the radiation did fall down but only when they were flying close to the reactor (200-300 m), not in Pripyat, in 3 kilometers from the power plant (as it was shown in the episode).
  6. The aircraft crashed because of the radiation but actually, it just bumped into a crane.
  7. Pripyat citizens heard about Chernobyl catastrophe only in the morning so they didn’t stand at night watching the fire blazed up after the explosion.

Have you watched the series? What do you think of it?
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