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Internship programs in Russia

Enjoy Russian school offers language internship in Petrozavodsk, Russia. There are four spheres where you can intern: translation, teaching, Russian literature or tourism. The internship will be interesting for those who want to improve Russian language skills, being immersed into Russian life and get some unforgettable experience of working in Russia with the most friendly and creative team of Enjoy Russian language school.

What the interns gain

  • Level up your Russian
  • Travel, explore, broaden your horizons
  • Gain useful experience of working abroad
  • Get a certificate of participation and a recommendation letter
  • Meet new people, make new contacts and friends
  • Become more self-confident as an employee
  • Make your resume stand out!

Intern in Russia to understand Russians

If you’re planning to work as an interpreter from or to Russian, Russian language teacher or a tour guide for Russian-speaking tourists, it will be very useful if you know Russian culture, customs and traditions and understand Russian way of thinking. One of the tasks for our Italian interns this year was to interview several Russians (volunteers, host family members, travelers etc.) and write articles about cultural differences and similarities, what a foreigner can find surprising or even shocking about Russians, what tips should a foreign tourist know before travelling, etc. What is the result? Now they know for sure, why a person shouldn’t give an even number of flowers to a Russian woman or whistle in enclosed places, so they will never face an embarrassing situation. When you know that in Russia you always put off your boots when entering a house, don’t leave leftovers visiting a Russian host and it’s better to have your bottled water always with you, you will be self-confident while meeting Russians at work and will surely make a very good impression on the client.

Intern and learn Russian

One of the most remarkable parts of the Internship with Enjoy Russian school is Russian language course focused on fast improvement of your Russian language skills.

For interns with level of Russian up to B1+ we recommend communicative Russian course in a small group. These interns already speak freely on every life topics and have enough grammar skills to be able to implement many tasks at work in Russia, but still have a lack of communication experience, thus many of them find difficulties with understanding fluent Russian speech in professional spheres and expressing themselves naturally in Russian.  Group Russian language course will help to gain self-confidence in speaking and listening. During the lessons teachers of Enjoy Russian school create an atmosphere of discussion and sharing, using various communicative methods, games, discussions, watching videos and listening to audios. On the lessons you’ll make phone calls, order services, play role games on various situations which may arise during your life and work in Russia.

For interns of higher levels intensive individual course is recommended to focus on certain topics, rules and language aspects, which will be useful in certain type of work. During one-to-one Russian course you will fill in the gaps in your grammar, broaden your professional vocabulary, practice to sound more natural to native speakers. Individual Russian course is very flexible, you can discuss all arising questions with your teacher right away, visit organizations connected with your future work to practice and role-play various potential cases to get self-confident in various language situations.

Laura from Italy, 2019: Study program was excellent. Since we worked on the grammar which we didn’t feel so sure about the course resulted extremely useful and interesting, clearing up many of our doubts. We had an amazing teacher who helped us have more confidence when speaking and encouraged us to use every new structure that came up during our lessons. I learn faster in a full-immersion course than in the university. I recommend this course because it’s tailored to suit the student’s needs. My communication got a way better. Plus, I can now THINK in Russian without needing to switch to another language!

Lucia from Italy

Lucia from Italy, 2019: We could choose the topics we wanted to discuss and we also revised (and studied a bit further) grammar rules, also according to what the teacher thoughts was our weak point. The teacher always managed to answer in a satisfying way and very politely. Each student was helped according to his / her needs. I learned a lot, had huge and deep conversations with everyone, but most importantly I got to revise all that I did at university in a great hurry, so I’m really satisfied. The course is fun, it’s the best way to learn is such a good environment, with such good people!

Intern and explore the Russian North

Interns who come to Enjoy Russian school not only work or study Russian, but have all opportunities to travel. Cultural events coordinator organizes lots of activities including excursions, trips, workshops and meetings. Petrozavodsk is capital of the Karelian Republic, well-known for its picturesque natural views and lots of tourist attractions. Must-see places in Karelia are:

Kizhi:  a UNESCHO heritage – an open- air museum, which is actually an island in the Onega lake, where visitors can enjoy a relaxing walk among famous churches, historical wooden houses and chapels.  During the excursion participants learn about peasant life and customs in the Russian north. 

Lucia from Italy, 2019: We took a trip around Karelia, on the isle of Kizhi. The architecture and wonderful nature of the isle are part of UNESCO World Heritage and the architectural complex of the villages and the pogost remains one of the few left in Russia, therefore an opportunity to admire traditional Russian craftsmanship.

Kivach waterfall: a famous cascade waterfall which is considered one of the major sights in Karelia. During the excursion participants walk through a natural reserve area, hike on the ancient slope of the Girvas volcano – the oldest crater in Karelia, and visit the first Russian spa resort “Marcial Waters” founded by Peter the I in 1719 on mineral springs.

Lucia from Italy, 2019: Our trip to Kivach and the Girvas volcano was blessed by such a good weather! Thanks to this, we were able to enjoy all of Karelia’s beauty, together with the help of our guide Maxim: he guided us through the natural park and through many of the most important events in Karelian and Russian history. Of course, some hot shashlikis helped too, to make the day even better!

Rusceala marble canyon: incomparably beautiful mountain park. Participants get a guided tour to learn about history of the area and also have free time to truly enjoy the breathtaking views and take stunning pictures.

Lucia from Italy, 2019: This old marble quarry not only served the purpose of building some of the most important Russian and Finnish monuments, but it also is a park today when people can have fun (zip line, boat tour, snorkeling… you name it) and admire the majestic mirror-like and iridescent water that fills the old caves.

Besides travelling, the interns who are interested in mastering oral translation, practice as interpreters between Russian and English during the excursions for tourists and foreign students of “Enjoy Russian” school.

Intern and fall in love with Russia

Our graduates speak for themselves!

Lucia from Italy, 2019: “Here I am, writing my last post here and wishing I had some time left. It’s already time to leave and go home, but to my surprise, I don’t care about it the least bit. Maybe it’s because I know that on Monday lessons at university will start again and my year will be full of exams, then my degree. However, I think it’s all Russia’s fault. Oh you, Russia. You managed to get so deep into my heart, just by knowing so little about you. I know with this journey I just scratched the surface, but I also know I’m longing for more and more. A huge thanks to my fellow students, the volunteers and the fantastic staff at school, without whom this experience would have been less unforgettable. My hugest thanks goes to Aleksandr and Marina, that welcomed me into their family.
Pora ekhat’, it’s time to go. You won’t get rid of me so easily, though!I’ll see you soon, I hope as soon as possible”.

“Enjoy Russian” language school will be happy to see you as a part of our team! Click here in order to find more information about Internship in Russia for foreign students.