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Students from the University of Bologna on how they discovered Russia

Being successful in the modern environment means exploring, exchanging ideas and exchanging cultures. Recently 8 students from the University of Bologna (Forlì Campus) took the full advantage of study abroad opportunity: they came to Enjoy Russian language school in Petrozavodsk to learn the language and experience something brand-new. And as it always happens, studying in Russia is not only about lessons indoors. Hardworking and motivated students, they were discovering natural wonders of Karelia, made lasting friendships with Russians and host families and did a breakthrough in Russian through constant practice. What did they like the most? Let us find out!

After a month in Petrozavodsk going back home will be much more difficult than I thought!

Giulia: “I find the lessons very interesting, fun and well-organized. I like the fact that our teacher makes us talk a lot. I feel like I’m really experiencing Russian and Karelian culture. The activities organized by the School were fun, interesting and also relaxing (the banya was really relaxing)”

Giulia and Luka play traditional Karelian kykka game with other students from England, Austria and Scotland

Luka: “I’m very happy with the family I ended up in. They always try to make conversation with me and tell me a lot about Russian culture and traditions. Many times we gathered with the whole family and spent fun moments together, and it wasn’t a problem for them that I didn’t speak Russian well”.

Italian students in Petrozavodsk
Giulia and Luka present the project in Russian

Laura V.: “I greatly improved speaking skills, which weren’t really good when I arrived. I would participate in the program again because I just started learning Russian and I think that my experience here was fundamental to my future improvement. There is nothing better than full immersion to learn a language!”

Michela: “The teachers paid a lot of attention to all our questions, they wanted us to talk a lot in Russian and this was a great motivation! The volunteers were always there to help us and spend time together. I would recommend this program because it’s a unique way to learn Russian and reach a high level of language in a few weeks. And the atmosphere in the School is beautiful, like in a family!”

Michela’s last day at Enjoy Russian: time to present project in Russian!

Mattia: “I’m absolutely satisfied with my family. I couldn’t ask for more! They’ve been welcoming beyond imaging, we communicated a lot, they were very active, we traveled together, visited places in Karelia. I never felt like a stranger in the family, I felt home! The most remarkable episode was the days we spent with my family at the dacha! I experienced for the first time in my life the bond between Russians and nature. It was just unforgettable! After a month in Petrozavodsk going back home will be much more difficult than I thought!”

Mattia, Michela and Russian friends at Onego lake embankment

Elena: “I really enjoyed all the activities we did during our stay. The most remarkable episode was when my host family and I went to the dacha. I really loved it: we ate блины, шашлыки, went to the баня and swam in the lake. I’ve met with the other relatives of my family, and we had a very good time together!”

Elena and Laura, city tour around Petrozavodsk

Laura R.: “I’m completely happy with the organization and the administration. I really liked the course, I’ve learned too much and I think that the way of teaching is interesting and useful. You can both learn and have fun!

Elena’s trip to Russian dacha


Thank you all for these words and we hope to see you in Petrozavodsk again! Would  YOU like to study in Russia and have fun? Join us!

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