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Petrozavodsk is a perfect city to practice Russian, to try Russian cuisine and to enjoy social activities!

Studying is not only about gaining academical knowledge. It is about exploring and expanding outlook as well. Coming to Russia always means taking a step out of the “cultural box’. The country is so diverse that you never get back with the same mindset. For international students learning Russian in Petrozavodsk is the perfect way to find themselves fully immersed into the Russian way of life. Enjoy Russian School students live with the host families, hang out with Russian volunteers and attend cultural events. “I feel that my Russian home is here and I’d like to return” these are the most pleasant words for Enjoy Russian team!

students from italy got the certificates for russian learningKarelia (the republic in the North-West of Russia) is the land of beautiful lakes, fast rivers and unique forests. If you happen to travel Russia in winter make sure you enjoy its nature and cultural life to the fullest: In winter: choose ice fishing, skiing, dog/reindeer sledding or even participate in the International kite-race on the second biggest lake in Europe. Visit winter Snow and Ice contest Hyperborea: more than 100 creators from different countries turn the massive snow cubes into masterpieces. In summer: Explore Ruskeala Mountain Park, go hiking near Karelian waterfalls and volcanoes, take a tour to the world famous open-air museum Kizhi (World Heritage List of UNESCO)


Petrozavodsk is a unique city founded by Peter the Great. Emperor’s passion for naval arts did influence the city’s history. There is a shipyard VARYAG in Petrozavodsk. More than 200 ships and about 40 vessels were built here by local masters for 27 years. In the 1990s the schooner SAINT PETER was born here. At that time no one knew it could become a world famous vessel. The crack of the matter is that this exact schooner was the hero of Pirates of the Carribean!

Petrozavodsk is a really good place to try Russian cuisine: everything could be found and everything is relatively cheap especially if you eat in the Soviet-type canteen near the school. But usually, students do not even worry about where and what to eat since their Russian hosts cook for them. You should definitely try bliny, syrniki, pies called kalitki, Russian dumplings, raspberry buns.

Enjoy Russian team assists with the documents

Coordinators of Enjoy Russian School help the students with each step to come to Russia and enjoy their time there. The School provides the student with an Invitation letter required for getting Russian visa and with all informational support. The coordinator chooses a host family for the student according to his or her wishes: any diets, allergies and other requirements are taken into consideration. If the student prefers to live independently, the school helps to book an apartment or a hostel. It’s absolutely easy and safe to travel to Petrozavodsk – one can get there from Moscow (plane / train), St. Petersburg (train / bus) or any Finnish city (train / bus). The School arranges individual transfer from the airports as well, the driver meets the students at the airport and gets them directly to the host families.


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