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5 proofs volunteering in Russia is better than just traveling

Enjoy Russian school has been offering Volunteer and learning Russian program for 16 years so far. Young people from all over the world come to Petrozavodsk to study in a group and participate in the English Summer Camp for kids and teenagers. They help children to overcome the language barrier and develop life skills, so-called 4C skills – communication, cooperation, creativity and critical thinking. This is the story of Matt from the United Kingdom who was both teaching and learning.

1. He was inspiring kids to set up their own business and become freelancers

This summer’s Camp topic was FREELANCE. From the very first day in the Camp, our volunteer Matt was perceived by participants (aged 11-17) as a business expert and a person who is aware of important hints for efficient work with partners, time management, following his own destiny. Here are some tips he gave – travel as much as you can since it helps to expand outlook, always get into day-to-day work, choose the career you’re interested in. Thanks to Matt participants learned how to work on the advertising of their projects and how to make a CV stand out.

2. He was enjoying summer days in one of the most beautiful regions of Russia

Volunteering project is not only spending all the time with kids. Russian language course is an inevitable part of the program. Matt had 4 lessons each day working on his speaking and writing skills. In parallel with studies, Matt visited many remarkable places in Karelia and went to many exciting workshops – was learning how to make Karelian pies and dance in a traditional way. He went to Banya twice, participated into Russian speaking club, went to Kizhi Island and Kivach waterfall.
He met people from different countries

3. He understood that Russia is not that dangerous as many people think

Here is Matt’s interview with the teacher of Enjoy Russian School Alina. The topic was “How dangerous Russia might be” and our volunteer said that if you use your common sense the likelihood of you getting into trouble in Russia is no higher than in any place in the world.

4. He understood that learning Russian in a small town has many advantages

Many students say people In Moscow or St. Petersburg people are more occupied with their own business while in Petrozavodsk they love comparing things and cultures and they are always excited to meet someone from another country. “I’ve been in Petrozavodsk for 2 weeks and I’m really getting the feeling of how calm the city is. People move slower, it’s like they have more time for you” Matt said. Maybe this is one of the reasons for Matt’s willing to come back next year.

All in all, Matt liked his great Russian adventure

Thanks all for your welcome and support through the stay. I was fortunate to both study and volunteer, this was so interesting for me and I’d certainly like to repeat again in the future. The volunteers and students made the stay what it was though with so many fun moments.

Would you like to join VOLUNTEER + LEARN RUSSIAN program? Just let us know! HERE you may find more information about the course and instructions on how to apply.