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What is Petrozavodsk, a city or a village?

On the one hand, Petrozavodsk is a small town in the South of Karelia (click to find out how to get here). But on the other hand, the more students we welcome the more we hear that Petrozavodsk and its residential suburbs remind of a cozy village where authentic Russian-Karelian atmosphere still exists. Is this due to people or architecture? Enjoy Russian school would say BOTH.

What cultural activity did you like most during your stay in Russia?

We always ask our students what cultural activities they like. The most popular answer (after Russian banya of course) is a trip to Authentic Kizhi Island. Its landscape makes you feel at your granny’s cozy country house where you can walk on the grass, stroke a horse and get on the swing. The Museum has been researching, preserving and popularizing culture of the native peoples of Karelia for more than 40 years. The gem of this collection is the 22 domed Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior.

This summer about 70 our students have visited Kizhi. They’ve learned how to:


make wooden figures

have fun

take awesome pictures


… and just take a look how beautiful the island is in wintertime! Sign up for the winter Russian course (from 1 to 12 weeks) and enjoy the authentic atmosphere!

kizhi island is unbelievably beautiful in winter time

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