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Siying from Singapore spend one bright week together with “EnjoyRussian” language school

Our school continues welcoming our new students and further friends from all over the world. This month we spend one week together with Siying from Singapore.  Siying studies Russian Language at our partner school – Russian Language Center in Singapore and came to Petrozavodsk to improve her skills. By the way, she thoroughly prepared for her Russian trip and bought a jacket 🙂
She had individual lessons every day, spend time with volunteers and her host family and it didn’t take long for the result.

“Language course was interesting and useful as my teacher teaches me words that help me to better express myself. I managed to speak a lot in Russian and this has helped me feel more confident in speaking Russian, as compared to before

Siying and her host family have a dinner
Siying together with her host family

One week it’s such a short period of time to discover Russian culture and feel all the pleasures of life in Petrozavodsk, but Siying spend her spare time as active as possible!

“I participated in activities planned by the school every day and I enjoyed interacting with the volunteers and learning more about Petrozavodsk.”

Her staying in Petrozavodsk began with a walk with volunteers, who showed her the city. So, the first step – a free navigation in the city was done. And it’s always a great idea to explore a new place in a good company, rather that alone!
The next day Sying continued her Russian vacation with a visit to the Fine Arts Museum. The Fine Arts Museum of the Republic of Karelia has great collections of art: icon painting, Russian art of different periods (from XV till XX centuries) and, of course, art of Karelian Republic.

“There is such a big stunning collection of icons. And at the moment I realized that know nothing about religion. That was very informative!

After informative excursion that was a high time to have some fun. Siying, Jean-Michele (our student from Belguim) and our volunteer Yuriy visited a concert of contemporary Karelian national music. And have you ever seen and listened to kantele?
Expect of enjoying different arts Sying also tried herself in a new role if Karelian hostess. She took part in the cooking class “How to make Karelian pies – Kalitki” and more than successfully. After the cooking we drank tea with kalitki and listened to stories about Karelian villages, traditions, customs.
The week ended with a trip to the waterfall “Kivach” with a host family.

And there are still so many things to be seen and done! We are waiting for you in Petrozavodsk and ready to show you the most interesting and beautiful places and events. Enjoy our courses and pack your suitcase!

In the video Siying and Enjoy Russian teacher Olga explain how to tell the time in Russian: