Rules of residence in a Russian family

Rules of residence in a Russian family

If you want to benefit from your Full Russian language immersion program in Petrozavodsk and have just fond memories, you should follow some rules. Here are some rules of homestay to avoid any misunderstandings during your stay in the family.

Family’s rights and duties:

1. The family provides the student with his/her own furnished room (bed, chair, desk, and wardrobe, internet connection/wi-fi) in good condition.
2. The family provides the student with breakfast or with breakfast and evening meal according to his/her chosen program. If there are changes in the meal plan the family must inform coordinator about that as soon as possible (e-mail, message, whatsapp etc.).
3. The family gives the student the possibility of:
• using the telephone for local calls
• using the bathroom and its facilities (washing machine, clothes dryer)
• using kitchen and its facilities (fridge, stove, saucepan, frying pan, kettle, plates, cups, etc.)
• facilities in the apartment (iron, TV, radio etc).
4. Family explains how to use apartment’s facilities on the first day of the program.
5. Family provides the student with bed-clothes and changes them every 2 weeks.
6. Family guarantees the student’s right to rest. Family memebers come in the student’s room after knock at the door.
7. Family is not allowed to arrange cultural activities which coincide with school cultural activities program.
8. In case the Student is not satisfied with his/her family, the School coordinator undertakes to move him/her to another family.

Student’s rights and duties:

1. Student may use the stationary phone during the day, from 7.00 a.m. to 23.00 p.m., no longer than one hour a day.
2. Student doesn’t use the stationary phone for international calls. The student gets a personal sim-card in the School office.
3. Student undertakes not to make noise; keep his/her room tidy. Student must clean the room once a week.
4. Student may have visitors only with the family’s permission.
5. If the student damages family’s property he/she undertakes to pay the full cost of the property within 3 days.
6. Student undertakes to pay the full cost of the program to the coordinator of the School within 3 days after the program start.
7. In case the student is not satisfied with the Family, the School coordinator undertakes to move him/her to another family within 3 days.
8. Student understands that utilities (gas, electricity, water..) cost much and doesn’t exceed them.
9. If a Student go out with his Family, the student pays for himself.


Terms of payment:

1. The student pays accommodation fee in the School office within three days from the program start.
2. The accommodation fee payment is to be made in Euros or in Rubles according to the official rate of the Central Bank of Russia.
3. If the student misses breakfast or an evening meal, the host family is not obliged to give the student a refund for the meal they have missed.
4. The program coordinator will solve the problems and misunderstandungs between the Family and the Syudent if they can’t do it on their own.

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