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Ruskeala Symphony Music Festival is a young but very significant and long-awaited event of August. This Music Festival was held in 2017 for the first time and immediately became a part of the top list events in the Republic of Karelia.
This event is a perfect match of the location and music. Ruskeala – is a famous mountain park, that used to be a very important industrial resource in Russian, where marble was mined. By the way, probably all palaces in Saint-Petersburg  are made from this marble. Our students like this place for outstanding landscapes and cool photos that you can take there.

Ake from Sweden says “That was one of the best excursions in my life!”

Students from the USA visited Ruskeala Park

And these beautiful caves, water surface become a natural open-air stages for famous artists. The main stage is situated in the pearl of the mountain park – “Italian quarry”.
The first two Festivals lasted only one day, but had such a great success that this year it was proposed to extend it for more two days. From year by year this musical event became more popular. In the first concert only artists from Karelian National Philarmonic Orchestra took part, in 2018 artists from other Russian cities, France, China joined the concert. The program tuned to be so interesting for audience of different tasted and ages that every year the number of visitors exceeded expectations: over 6000 peoples at one day!

Ruskeala Symphony Music Festival
Ruskeala Symphony Music Festival

This year Ruskeala Symphony Music Festival took place from 9 till 11 of August. The concert was opened by the Karelian National Philarmonic Orchestra and Dj from the UK Mr. Switch, that was a mix of contemporary electronic and classic music, rock and pop. The most eventful day of the Festival was the second day: 8 concert just followed one by one, famous musical stars from all over the world will performed at the stages. The one of the starts was Marius Stravinsky, famous Karelian conductor, who now works in Great Britain, Japan, German.  And special surprise awaited for the guests! A real musical battle between artists of the leading Russian theatres – Bolshoy ( located in Moscow) and Mariinsky (located in Saint-Petersburg).
The third day was dedicated to the Theatre Year in Russia, visitors enjoyed  street plays, open-air performances, parades.
By the way, our students from the USA and Netherlands were there with their host families. There is nothing to add except that all of the were totally amazed!

Students and Host families

No doubt, that in 2020 Ruskeala Symphony Music Festival, that became an annual event, will impress and surprise not less than the previous. Join our courses and discover the world together with “EnjoyRussian” language school!