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If you think 3 months in Petrozavodsk is too much, you definitely don’t know what you may do here!

If you’re considering full Russian immersion for 3 months at Enjoy Russian School, of course you’d like to know how you can fill in your spare time after lessons besides doing Russian homework! First, of course you’ll spend much time with your Russian host family and Russian volunteers – local students who’re happy to tell you more about Russian culture, interesting traditions and show you around Petrozavodsk. Second, the school coordinator will be glad to arrange diverse cultural activities in Petrozavodsk and Karelia. Third, you can also travel to Veliky Novgorod and St. Petersburg on the weekends – the train will get you in 5 hours, the Enjoy Russian School coordinator will help you to book the tickets, accommodation and excursions there.

Let’s talk more about what Enjoy Russian students do in spring.

In March it’s still winter in Karelia, so you can enjoy all kinds of winter activities while it will be already sunny outside:

  • Celebrate Maslenitsa – a traditional Slavic Sun Festival which never goes without fun outdoor games and eating pancakes with all sorts of fillings and coverings.
  • Take a trip to the Kizhi island (UNESCO heritage) when it’s covered by the snow and there are no other tourists.
  • Ski in the forest. Due to the fact that Karelia is covered with forests, in Petrozavodsk there are lots of ski trails.
  • Try snowboarding or downhill skiing on Jalgora resort.
  • Relax in the Russian banya. Learn about Russian bathing traditions from Enjoy Russian volunteer and dive into an ice-hole.
  • Try winter fishing on the Onega lake.


In April you can watch ice-breaking and snow-melting and enjoy really warm weather.

  • Cook an Easter bread “kylitch”, color the boiled eggs and toll a bell on a bell tower at Easter;
  • Watch classical and contemporary musical comedies, musicals, operas and ballets in the Musical Theatre of the Republic of Karelia. The Enjoy Russian School coordinator will gladly arrange a backstage tour for you.
  • Skate in a modern Sport complex «LUMI».
  • Learn how to dance traditional Karelian dances with a National Chorus of Republic of Karelia KANTELE.
  • Go to the dacha with your host family. According to the students’ testimonials, a weekend spent on the dacha is one of the most remarkable episodes during the program. This is where you’ll eat shaslyki, go to banya and relax on Karelian nature.
  • Watch Soviet and Russian films and cartoons, learn new vocabulary and discuss Russian cinematography on a Movie day with Enjoy Russian teacher.

In May you can watch ice-breaking and snow-melting and enjoy really warm weather.

  • Celebrate long May holidays with your host family: the Labour Day and the Victory day, participate in the parades and events in the town.
  • Take a walk in the Kivach State Nature reserve and see the full-flowing Kivach waterfall.
  • Take bright pictures of blossoming sceneries in the Botanical Garden of Petrozavodsk.
  • Go to picnics and horse-riding with the Russian volunteers.
  • Try extreme rafting at the upper Shuya River.
  • Feel the romance of the northern white nights at the end of May.

In Petrozavodsk you’ll never get bored! Apply for a 12-week Russian course at Enjoy Russian School and see yourself!

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