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4 natural wonders of Karelia

If you’re interested in visiting Russia you should know that Karelia is famous for its charming nature and fascinating sights. That’s a perfect region to explore North Russia if you want to feel unity with nature: this place is rich in forests, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and has this special calm and magnificent beauty. In today’s post, we would like to introduce you to some admirable places you should definitely visit in Karelia!

Kivach Falls

Kivach is one of the most famous sights of Karelia: our tourists always visit this place to see a breathtaking waterfall and hear its impressive sound. There is also The Kivach Nature Reserve (“zapovednik”) around the waterfall, so you can enjoy beautiful nature. A Karelian legend of the origin of Kivach tells us that there were two rivers-sisters – Suna and Shuya. They were always inseparable, but one day exhausted Suna gave way to her sister and fall asleep. When she woke up, she found out that Shuya was already far away, so Suna rushed in after her sister. Kivach waterfall occured in the places where she ruined crags.

Shuya Rocks

That’s a great place for outdoor enthusiasts! Shuya Rocks are very popular among climbers of different levels. Besides, it’s well-known for its fascinating nature! The path to the rocks lies in a beautiful forest. When walking along the path you can see a lot of route signs and places where climbers take a rest. So this place is well prepared for tourists. If you are fond of hiking in forests, fresh air, fabulous nature and active sports, that place would be a great choice for you!

Mount Sampo

According to Karelian-Finnish mythology, Sampo is a magical object that gives people happiness. In world famous epic “Kalevala” Sampo is presented as a mill that produces so much bread, gold and salt that there is enough for everybody. The Mount Sampo was named after this magical mill. It got this name in 1960s when a Soviet-Finnish film “Sampo” was shot on this mountain. You can see really wonderful landscapes from Mount Sampo: a fascinating forest and Lake Konchozero which is absolutely great for fishermen. Mount Sampo is especially beautiful in Spring when lilies of the valley bloom.

Valley of Rabbits

Sergey Gapanovich, the author of this project, has been stone cutting for many years. Several years ago he came up with a very unusual idea for an art object that has no analogues in the world. He aims to cut one thousand rabbits in a crag near a track “Kola”. Any person can choose a stone rabbit and become his owner leaving an eternal trace in Karelian culture. Sergey calls this project “Petroglyphs of the XXI century”. He is convinced that the Valley of Rabbits will become a cultural heritage site of Karelia and Russia.

As you see, Karelian nature appeals to our tourists no matter what they prefer – calm rest, active sports, legends and national culture or unusual modern art. That’s why you can be sure that visiting Karelia will be an absolutely unforgettable experience for you!