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Each student coming to learn Russian in Petrozavodsk may add at least one thing to the Russian cultural icons list. Bears, matryoshkas, balalaikas… The vast majority of the world’s population keeps associating Russia with these recognizable items. But recently one more thing has been gaining popularity and turning into the world trend. PLATOK!

Wear PLATOK to cover the scars or just to be classy  

Platok is a headscarf traditionally worn by women which covers head and hair and leaves the face uncovered. Initially, it was used to protect the head and hair from cold. Then it became an inherent part of a married woman daily costume.  In 1861, the knitter from Orenburg Maria Uskova sent PLATOK to the world exhibition in England. By the end of 19 century PLATOK was worn all over the country, even today Russian babushkas wear them every day.

Recently babushka’s outfit went viral. Not only grandmas wear PLATOK nowadays, but fashionable youngsters have also adopted the trend too as well as ASAP Rocky 😊 In December 2018 he appeared on a fashion brand event wearing Russian style head scarf. Also known as Babushka Boi, ASAP Rocky said he just wanted to make a boast of his grandma.

And if you still don’t believe babushka style is super popular today, just type #babuska on Instagram:

Would you like to join the fashion trend in Russia? Choose a course and come to Petrozavodsk!