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Top 10 most popular words youngsters use all over Russia

To become fluent in Russian some people prefer the traditional way of learning (lessons with professional teachers), some choose online-learning with the natives or Skype course. But there are people who want to explore Russia and its culture from the inside. They basically find a language school (Enjoy Russian, for example) come to one of the cities (like Petrozavodsk) and start communicate with he locals day by day. Meet Giulia Zanin from Italy. She has been learning Russian in a group and at the same time has been working as a volunteer at the International language Camp for children and teenagers. At the end of Giulia’s Russian course, she presented the project on Russian slang that she learned from the participants of the Camp.

Now I can pass for Russian. 10 words each Russian learner should know

  • ЧИТИТЬ (chitit’ ) – to cheat (verb)
  • ЧЕКАТЬ (chekat’) – to check (verb)
  • ПАЦАНЫ (patsany) – guys, dudes (noun, plural)
  • ДОШИК (doshik) – noodles (noun)
  • НЯШНЫЙ (nyashnyy) – cute (adj)
  • СЛЫШЬ! (slysh!) – hey! (pretty rude, usually when someone is doing something wrong)
  • ДРАТУТИ (dratuti)⠀- hello! (acronym for ЗДРАВСТВУЙТЕ!)
  • ТАКОЕ СЕБЕ (takoye sebe) – so-so (when someone asks “how was it?” and you didn’t really like it)
  • КУЛЬНО (cul’no) – cool (adverb)
  • ХАВАТЬ (khavat) – to eat (verb)


Would you like to participate in the program Russian + volunteering? Then let us know! The upcoming Camp for teenagers and kids will take place in Petrozavodsk in October! You may also apply for the group course or sign up for the Skype lesson with a free trial. 

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