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All you need is an international partner and some great ideas!

Enjoy Russian School has many partners in different countries. In August Elena Bulgarelli (from Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici Adriano Macagno, Italy) visited Petrozavodsk with her 18 students. We continue our cooperation, try to keep in touch with the students and always create some new tools on how Russian learners may spice up their studying. The idea of orginizing the linkup has finally came to life!Let’s us explain what a great experience we  had last week.

Russian learners connection: how to learn languages through the link-ups?

1 pm. Enjoy Russian students (from Spain, Great Britain, Switzerland) make calls to the guys in Italy (the key moment here is that the guys have the same level of Russian – A2+/B1). First of all, it is suposed to be an educational linkup since we have pretty specific aims: get acquainted with the partner, ask questions carefully prepared in advance, work on a topic we currently learn.The time is limited – 5-7 minutes after which students change their places and talk to other people.

1.30 pm. We did it! Now it is time to assess what we’ve done. We start working in groups and  discuss things we’ve learned about the students from Italy. Everyone is going to present a report about the linkup and share the results.

What did Enjoy Russian students say about such an innovative idea?

Everyone admitted the linkup was a great  way to practice Russian. Only positive feedbacks we had that day. Interesting, educational, extraordinary – these were the words guys described their experience with.

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