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Useful tips and secrets about Petrozavodsk from our students

Meet Simone from Italy, who spend only two weeks in Petrozavodsk, but very eventful weeks. He managed to celebrate his Birthday, to explore the Republic of Karelia and get into a funny situation.

Did you hear something about Petrozavodsk before you arrived here?
No. Firstly, I heard about “EnjoyRussian” Language School from my colleagues and thanks to that found on the map this nice Russian city Petrozavodsk.

How did your everyday morning look like?
Every morning I had breakfast and after that went to the School, or took a taxi. I am not the kind of person, who likes to wake up early to be active in the mornings.

And what about your evenings?
I found a sports gym near my host family home and attended group classes there three times a week. I attended yoga, dancing, fitness classes. I was surprised by the fact that I was the only man there in a group. I think that all the women were very embarrassed when they saw me, they were whispering “a man, man, here is a man among us”. There were 7-8 women in a group and they divided into two groups “conservative”, who didn’t want me to join them and “liberal”, who were not against. Finally, “liberal group” won and I made great friends with those Russian women, who appeared to be nice and welcoming, but shy. I think that it is just a display of Russian culture and history. I also went to the fitness center in Ukraine, and the situation is more or less the same: probably 90 % of customers are women. I think that Russian men prefer to do exercises in a gym with weights rather than yoga classes, that’s why a man dancing zoomba, for example, is a big surprise.

Which leisure activities during your stay you loved most of all?
I went to the Russian banya with my host family and her friends. Irina, my host, organized everything and that was a cool experience. That was a kind of home party in a great company. I had exceptionally good relations with Irina. She is so active and not an ordinary person at all. She also made a little party for me on my Birthday and helped to organize a trip to another city – Medvezhiegorsk.

Would you like to come back?
I am not sure about winter, as I am not a winter lover, especially in Russia as I have experienced real Russian frost before in my life. I think I’d like to spend the winter in a warm country, maybe in Asia, and come back to Petrozavodsk in the summer next year.

What is your favorite place in Petrozavodsk?
I like this city, in general, but my favorite place is the embankment of Lake Onega. It’s a nice place for an evening walk, where you can enjoy the sunset. And the idea with the piano is very very cool ( there is a piano, standing on the embankment and hidden under the roof). Unfortunately, I cannot play the piano but enjoyed listening to other people doing that. And as I could notice, that place is very popular between locals, several times I saw bachelor’s parties there.

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