Gogolya, 7, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia
Gogolya, 7, Petrozavodsk, Karelia, Russia


Do you feel encouraged by learning languages? Would you like to become an expert in what is going on in post-Soviet states? Do you wait for your communicative skills to open up new business horizons? The course is all about expanding outlook, knowing yourself better, preparing for the exam if needed. Track the progress from the very first lesson and communicate with natives as if you are in Moscow or Vladivostok
Master your communicative, writing, and listening skills by structured module-based program
Learn the up-to-date language with native teachers who have more than 2500 alumni so far

See what you study and track your progress
Join the group of your level - from beginners to B1
Put knowledge into practice by regular projects
Enjoy additional topics - traveling, business, and formal correspondence


· Have tried Russian language classes with a private tutor, native friends, or mobile apps but did not see a result;

· Who believe that the language is a priority for a current or future career;

· Who want to learn about culture from the authentic sources and literature, read Dostoevsky or Chekhov as natives do;

· Set sights on reaching B2 level and passing TRKI exam successfully;

· Who are energized and hardworking, dreaming of an exciting journey in Siberia, Kamchatka, or the Altai Mountains.

In comparison with other courses, this one is focused upon speaking skills improvement and comprehensive grammar understanding. Language tests held on a regular basis show the progress and help to correct the learning strategy.

Students max in a group of your level (A0 – B1)

min lessons, twice a week in the evening
year to reach the next level
euro per month


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«Learning Russian online in this course has allowed me to have a glimpse into the cultures and current affairs in the region, which I otherwise would have been ignorant since I live so far away in my own little bubble in Southeast Asia. I also enjoyed that the class is small to allow for greater interactions. I got to learn from other international students and their way of life too».
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«The school does a fantastic job of creating engaging and effective curriculum in an online format. I’ve been so impressed with my lessons with Anastasiia and feel my language skills have really improved in a short space of time. I look forward to continuing my studies».
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«Everything was fantastic, greatly exceeded expectations! I have never had so much fun learning a language and being in a group. This program gives you an opportunity to learn Russian with native speaker. It is not like being a tourist; you really get under the skin of a place. Now I can talk about the sorts of things I speak about in English».
5 reasons this course is worth your time and money
Attentive coordinators. Shelby from Canada saw the post about courses on Facebook and noticed a lot of positive feedback. «I decided to learn Russian language and contacted the school. Once I did, I was really impressed by the services. The staff was very attentive and kind». Yes, we did everything for students to apply easily using Instagram, Facebook, or simply website. It takes a maximum of 2 days to answer but only because a school coordinator recollects energy to be even more attentive and has her days off (Saturday and Sunday). «You always did answer my questions fast», said our student Anna from Finland. Of course, you should pass the entry test first, then we offer you a group with the most comfortable timetable, arrange a trial lesson if needed. Even after the course, students stay in contact with tutors and the coordinator.

Lots of life. Not everyone knows but before Enjoy Russian school started online courses and speaking clubs its tiny office in Petrozavodsk was home to about 200 people each year. Besides Russian lessons, traditional food workshops, ballet, local embankment excursions, meeting with locals in pubs and cafés were the brightest moments of that precious time. Since then, we have got lots of pictures and videos posted on social networks and here in the blog. Stefano from Italy: «First, what attracted me was that on the website I saw many pictures from the school life, I watched some interviews from students, and it was appearing to me as an active and well-organized school». Angel from Holland: «The fact that the school is in Petrozavodsk, and that they have all the other in-person courses helps to believe that Enjoy Russian is not just a school organizing courses for students that only use the language learning as an excuse for holidays». So we do hope that all the restrictions will be eliminated soon, and we will meet all students in person again.

Lots of communication. «The variety of different online Russian language courses for each level is unique», said Nicole from Canada. But the courses are always useless if there is no real-life practice and live communication with natives. According to our tutors, this is the key to mastering Russian at absolutely each level. Fred from the USA told us that he was looking not for an academic course but for one which helped to communicate with family and friends in Russia. An online format serves as an additional advantage here, because people like Fred (he does travel a lot) can join the class and immerse in an intensive practice wherever he currently stays.

Price and timetable. Private classes with a tutor are always a Russian roulette (even if you learn Chinese). You might have two classes, then skip 4, then be on a break for 2 months losing your motivation to study day by day. With this School, students always know when they have to join the lesson and what is the frequency. «I prefer study groups which don't change every week. 2 online Russian classes a week is perfect for me. I only want to have a little knowledge of your language and no need to study fast», said Ruth from Austria. As for the price, currently, students pay just 80 euro per month and study at a comfortable pace. «Many schools offer courses with more hours in the week and some schools are quite expensive», said Ruth.

You feel that you are welcomed no matter what. One of the main advantages mentioned by students. Even if the schedule is busy, even if the plans change fast or at the very last moment, School's coordinator has something to offer. «It was my dream to take lessons in person in Petrozavodsk last year, but unfortunately a Virus came along and put everything on hold. But again, the School came up immediately with great alternative courses online! And here I am, learn Russian twice a week with lovely international classmates and a great, knowledgeable teacher», said Nicole from Canada. The individual approach is a cliché that comes on the front page of all online schools, but sometimes students do not feel it at all. The teachers keep in touch with students far beyond lessons. They share pictures of pets and family news, listen to music together, and congratulate each other on international holidays.

What materials does the teacher use?
The study program is based on 2 main textbooks that already proved their efficiency. «Диалог» is one of the best choices for a communicative course, because it covers exactly what students need to learn to be able to communicate in the most frequent situations. The second one is "Русский сувенир" which also meets the nowadays requirements towards the foreign language teaching materials. It helps to put a solid foundation of communicative skills and get attracted by modern topics.

Together with the two textbooks mentioned above teachers use on Russian language lessons some personal materials that they have been developing since 2003. Additional topics are an inevitable part of the course because they connect all theory with reality. Students learn how to use business vocabulary, practice on-the-phone phrases, and ones needed for videoconferencing, work on public speeches and official correspondence. Each step at the ladder contains less grammar and more oral practice based on historical and cultural aspects.

How much time does it take to reach the next level?
There is the precise number - 96 hours. This is what lies between A1, B1, B2 levels. To track the progress easily teachers divided the whole program into 12-week gaps. By the first lesson, everything people know is an informal greeting in Russian but 6 weeks later they can order food at a restaurant and give Russian names to each piece of furniture in the room. Topics to be covered in the first modules are meeting people, daily routine, occupation, time, city, family, restaurant, weather as well as nationalities, character, and health. As for the grammar, students learn how to count, change simple verbs (including motion ones in Present, Past, or Future Tense) depending on the nouns.

The next stage of the online Russian course opens up new verbs and aspects of verbs, comparative forms of adjectives, and more complicated prepositions. One of the main things here is practice with natives. Starting with A2 level students can catch the idea of interviews, give directions, speak out on historical events, make appointments. Another 96 hours are devoted to more complicated grammar and vocabulary that are connected with politics, economics, or demographic issues. 2-hours-per-week frequency is a perfect balance for learning the language at a comfortable pace and see the progress at the same time.





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