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There are so many reasons to love summer: great weather, warm sun, outdoor activities, city and nature walks. And summer is a great time for traveling, It’s pretty hard to find a person who will disagree with that. During the summer “Enjoy Russian” school host the most students. And today we want to share with you our students experience of visiting summer Petrozavodsk.

Outdoor activities

Good weather makes it possible to enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. Playing sport games, jogging, walking, picnics, open air training – whatever you like and whatever your imagination comes up with.
Our summer cultural program includes national Karelian game Kyykkka and another name of it is “Karelian towns”. Despite a bit difficult name of this game, the rules are very easy. Even if the rules are easy to understand and follow, to throw a bat in a correct way can be harder than you expected. And a sense of gamble definitely will grasp you!

Lucia Bartolozzi: ” It was fun, even though I almost killed our instructor with a bad shot … I’ll get better!”

By the way, many people in Petrozavodsk are fond of sports. This fact can be highlighted as a special feature of the region. Maybe people love sports because the Republic of Karelia is situated on the North and it’s necessary to move constantly not to get frozen, or it can be a positive impact of the neighbors – Scandinavian countries. Anyway, Petrozavodsk has a great infrastructure and possibilities for sports fans. In every district you will find a green area for jogging and bicycling. Sport complex “Kurgan” or natural park “Squirrel Island” – areas of coniferous forests right in the city, where you can breathe fresh air.
The first place in the rank “students’ favorite sports spots” goes to the Embankment of Lake Onega. the Embankment stretched to 3 km along Onega lake and it’s very popular among citizens and guests, who enjoy jogging and sports walks.  Besides from comfortable paths you can find there free open air sport gym, fully equipped as a sport gym.

Tobias Winkle: “Probably every day in the evening I went to the embankment and made exercises with a great lake view!”

City and nature walks

Summer is the best season for long city walks and short outside trips. We have already mentioned about the Embankment as the best place for jogging, but it’s also a favorite place to walk and chill. And here you can watch such gorgeous sunsets!
During the summer the embankment becomes a stage for street musicians. Moreover, now everyone has a chance to try him/herself as a professional piano player and perform for an audience. Such a great idea came to young artists who installed the piano in the rotunda (a famous architectural monument) at the embankment.  This piano became a real peculiarity of this place. Also our students enjoyed picnics on a fresh air and sport games in a good company (of course, with Russian volunteers) like soccer.

Giorgio Gabriele: ” Мне очень понравился пейзажи Петрозаводска : озеро, набережное озера и парки. Было очень интересно слушать музыканты!

When the weather permitted, our students went to the beach! Despite the fact that Karelia is a north region of Russian, citizens of Petrozavodsk adore to take sun baths and swim. And, besides, Karelia is a land of lakes and rivers.  This summer our students were lucky to swim and play beach volleyball! The main beach “Peski” is situated just 20 minutes from city center by bus.
Another natural spot for picnics nearby city is the mountain “Devils’ chair”. It can be also easily reached by public transport and surprise with outstanding city views, that are opened to your eyes at the top.

Trips to the countryside and dacha

Summer in Russia is a special season as Russians have a special attitude to so beloved dacha. For older generation “dacha” is not only a countryside house, but it’s really a sacred place. They cultivate vegetables, grow flowers, they build something all the time.  And an authentic dacha will definitely have banya. Many our host families have dachas where they like to invite our students. Trip to a dacha becomes a real adventure, students make shashiliki, go to banya together with host families.

Even if a host family doesn’t have a countryside house, anyway they are big nature lovers. Karelia is a land of amazing nature and breathtaking landscapes, to live here and not to be fond of it is absolutely impossible. People who live in Karelia are very proud of its’ nature and they always try share this delights with guests! So, picnics and camping trips if you come to Petrozavodsk are guaranteed.  

Organized excursions

For our students there is no need to worry their leisure time and cultural activities. Our school propose students to choose a cultural package for his/her taste and discover Russian culture and land of lakes and forests all together. The top excursions are: trip Kizhi Island, waterfall Kivach, volcano Girvas and mountain park “Ruskeala”. Summertime create the best conditions to enjoy all these excursions! For example, our student from France, Jean-Michelle, loved visited Kizhi Ilsand twice during his stay. The first in with a guide and the second one he went there by himself and rented a bike.

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy” will be the slogan of your summer vacations in Karelia! Join our courses, come to Petrozavodsk and we will continue this list of summer highlights together. Click here to find more information.