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Summer time in Petrozavodsk as usual lasts for 2 months – July and August. But this year summer starts right with the first of June. Green grass, blooming trees, streets full of sunshine and, of course, smiling faces welcome our students this June. That’s the best time to explore the city, take a short trip or a long distance excursion, play sport games and spend time, hanging with volunteers.
There are some favorite spots among our students and volunteers:

Governor’s park

It is only five minutes walking from our School! Take a coffee during the break, listen to the birds’ singing and recharge! After classes you can have a picnic right there on the green grass.

The embankment of Lake Onega

There is no doubt that it is the most popular place in the city. It stretched out for a 3 kilometers.
The construction of the embankment started in the late XX century. The opening ceremony took place in 1994. By the way, paths of the new part of the Embankment is fully made from Karelian granite. Here you can find different statues and art objects, all of them were presented by the sister-cities from all over the world. Most of all over students like to take picture of the extraordinary construction made of steel “The Fishermen” and whisper a wish into the magic ear of the tree.

The Beach “Peski”

This place has a great location. 30 minutes by bus from the city center and you can swim and take sun bath on the yellow sand. If you are not into lying on the beach you can play beach volleyball , Frisbee, etc. You may take some beverages and snacks with you or grab something there in the bar.