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What do you need to know about Russia’s biggest high school celebration

Welcome to our new edition of Matryoshka’s Diary. This week our author Elena will tell you about one of the much-anticipated celebrations for high school students. May 25th every year in all schools in Russia is the “Last Bell” Day. The bell is a symbol of the start of the class. In Russia almost all students from year 1 through to year 11 study at the same school building. So each September 1st, the first bell rings for the first-grade students, and on May 25th the last school bell rings for high school graduates.

The last bell symbolizes the end of the school life

  • After May 25th year 11 students have their final exams.
  • The Last Bell ceremony is a very important milestone for our graduates.
  • Thus, the last bell celebration is usually a big ball. All graduates are dressed up and the best couples of the school open the ball waltz.
  • Furthermore, teachers usually make some songs or lyrics for their graduates about their school life.
  • Parents perform, too.
  • Then the graduates have the final words to thank the school, teachers and parents for everything.
  • Right after the ball, all year 11 students from every school in the city put on the “old school” uniform (back to the USSR) and go to the main city square, where they celebrate all night.
  • This is the last opportunity for high school students to get together and talk about their school adventures, victories and defeats, cheating during the tests, and first loves.

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