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It is NOT an ordinary trip. This would be a LANGUAGE TRIP around the NORTH of the biggest country in the world!

Are you a fan of traveling? Would you like to choose a unique destination for your next trip? Well, it is high time then to take into account one opportunity from Enjoy Russian language School. Usually, our School announces scholarship contests twice a year which give a chance to foreigners to learn Russian for free. But since in 2018 we turn 15 years old (the School was founded in 2003) we decided to take a bigger step – to invite one traveler and passionate photographer to Petrozavodsk for a language trip. The winner of the new contest will not only get 20 Russian lessons with a professional tutor. He/she will be given a trip to Kizhi (unique open-air museum added into UNESCO heritage list), will take part in traditional Maslenitsa celebration, workshops, a ski tour, will go to Russian banya ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE! Sounds tempting, right?

How to participate in the contest Enjoy Russian Week?

✅ Upload your favorite traveling video (CREATED BY YOU!) on Youtube, mention “I participate in Enjoy Russian week contest” and add a link to this page into description box (or if you have one uploaded, just put #EnjoyRussianWeek into description box + link to this page
✅Post your favorite picture (on your Facebook account or on School’s account) taken BY YOU when traveling and put #enjoyrussianweek into the description and EXPLAIN when, how it was taken and why you like it the most.
✅Fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Deadline for steps 1, 2 and 3 – 23 NOVEMBER
The winner will be announced on 30 of November
The winner will come to Russia for one week – from 4 to 10 of March 2019

20 Russian lessons in a group… got it. What else will I enjoy in Petrozavodsk?

  1. Maslenitsa celebration. It is one of the most colorful, bright and tasty Russian holidays which has its origins in Russian pre-Chrisitian times. Russian people can not imagine living these 7 days without pancakes. Traditionally it was a symbol of sun and warmth and even in modern days people bake a lot of pancakes  especially from Thursday to Sunday. The last day is devoted to asking for each other forgiveness and is called “Forgiveness Sunday”. That last day is the time when the full-scale celebration starts: with sledding and ice-skating, snowball competitions and sleigh rides, outdoor competitions and performances. The key element here is burning Maslenitsa Lady (made of straw and fabric) on a bonfire.

2. A trip to Kizhi. The collection of the Open-Air “Kizhi” Museum includes 83 monuments of wooden architecture: old chapels and houses, windmills and granaries, threshing barns and racks for drying crops…Its landscape makes you feel at your granny’s cozy country house where you can walk on the grass, stroke a horse and get on the swing. The Museum has been researching, preserving and popularizing culture of the native peoples of Karelia for more than 40 years.

3. Traditional Karelian dancing class. People living in the Russian North carefully keep their rich cultural traditions including cuisine, folklore, art and dancing. The incredible atmosphere will make you feel a real Karelian! Listen to the rhythm and try to remember all the steps and dancing schemes changing themselves in seconds! You will be given a chance to try a tratidional outfit as well. Enjoy Russian students always choose this activity to warm up in winter and to have fun!

… and it’s not all! Make sure you follow the easy steps to apply for the contest and wait for tthe results. Maybe it’s you who live like a real Russian for the whole week in spring 2019!


Read the rules and apply HERE

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