Welcome to Russia in 2015! February 2 - 27 - Russian language course, basic level. March 2 Ц 28 Ц Russian language course, elementary level
01/19 2015
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Volunteer in Russia, implement different projects, find friends, meet interesting people, interact with people of different culture, ages, religions and learn Russian 24h/day.
Effective Russian Language Course at reasonable cost! You will start speaking Russian fluently in 4 weeks. Full Russian language immersion.
Individual Russian lessons for busy people, for people willing to improve Russian fast! Dates are flexible.
Effective Russian online courses with high professional teachers. Any time, and dates!
Russian Summer 2015! Conversational Russian classes with professional teachers, informal communication with Russian Volunteers, staying in the Russian family, famous sights to visit!
You will start speaking Russian fluently in 4 weeks. Full Russian language immersion! Hurry up and don't miss a chance to join us! February 2, March 2, April 6, May 4
Dear teachers! Would you like to arrange an effective and exciting Russian language program abroad for your pupils during summer holidays?
Immerse into the Russian culture and improve your Russian! Group starts on February , 2!
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