Full Russian language immersion

You will learn Russian in the classroom and outdoor, with a Russian host family and Russian volunteers,enjoy Russian during cultural activities and meetings in movie, discussion and literature clubs!

Reasonable cost of studying and living

8 euro per 1 hour (45 minutes). You won’t find more favorable prices for such exciting , high quality and useful lessons. Besides the living cost in Petrozavodsk is very affordable even for students.

Great location in a safe Petrozavodsk

Our city is the best place to learn Russian as you have to speak Russian in the town. You’ll see real Russia, enjoy northern nature and you’ll be able to visit on weekends St.Petersburg, Valaam, Kizhi.

How does it work?

1. Apply for the course
2. Test your Russian level
3. Sign the agreement
4. Transfer the application fee
5. Apply for a Russian visa
6. Buy tickets and come to Petrozavodsk
Enjoy your stay!

Russian language courses

"EnjoyRussian" School statistics

Here you can review some statistics about our School

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Join Russian Summer Course in July 2017!

We’ll start on July 3!
Full Russian Language Immersion programs (2 and 4 weeks):

– you’ll have a great possibility for learning Russian in depth
– you’ll expand your vocabulary and feel a lot more confident at speaking Russian
– you’ll make a great progress in Russian
– you will make friends with new people and communicate in Russian a lot

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Russian babushka. Do you know her?

We were so surprised😳 to know from our foreign students that people all over the world know word BABUSHKA (бабушка)👵 so well, because they mistakenly think that babushka is a traditional Russian wooden doll, which we are sure you all have seen👀 many times. It’s a very common souvenir that people bring home from Russia🇷🇺. […]

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Three pieces of advice on learning Russian by our teacher Olga Eliseeva

Russian language school “Enjoy Russian” teachers are always ready to give you a piece of advice on ways of studying Russian. Olga Eliseeva has been working in our school for several years already. She is an inspired tutor who considers teaching as creative process. Here are her three pieces of advice on learning Russian! Make […]

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Тоже vs. ещё

There are many words in Russian that confuse a foreigner. What’s the difference between ТОЖЕ and ЕЩЁ. Let’s see… Well, the easiest way to remember which one to use is this one: Use ТОЖЕ when you talk about two or more people or things in a sentence and you kind of compare them saying that […]

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Studying Russian? Be creative!

Our every student is unbelievably talented and has his own tricks in learning Russian. But Elize Retief from South Africa showed us what it really means to be creative when you study a foreign language! Elize came to us in the beginning of May for a two-week course. She joined the A0 group and started […]

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