The full cost of the Russian language program consists of several parts: application fee, tuition fee, accommodation fee, training materials fee and the cultural activities fee.  You are free to calculate the cost of the program according to your means.

To be registered for any of the Russian language program you have to transfer the application fee, which is 65 or 80 Euros. The Application fee is to be paid after you fill in the application form on our site and get confirmation from the coordinator that you are registered for the program. After you get confirmed you can transfer the application fee to the euro account of the school or pay via PayPal. Please note it is non-refundable fee.

The following is included in the application fee:

  • Registration for the Russian language program
  • The cost of the invitation letter required for obtaining visa.
  • The cost of postal expenses (ordinary post)*
  • All information materials before your arrival to Petrozavodsk
  • The cost of the registration in Petrozavodsk
  • The cost of the local SIM-card
*Please note that the postal expenses for the express post DHL are paid extra ( about 60 euros).

You can pay it:
1. Upon arrival. The sum is to be paid in rubles in the Russian bank, which takes only cash. So if you have a credit card, you’ll need to withdraw money first (for the operation the bank takes commission) and then to make the payment in rubles (for this the bank takes a commission about 3 % of the sum). Usually it’s a limited sum you may withdraw a day (the limit depends on the card type) so our students often have to withdraw money every day to have the whole sum. The sum in rubles will depend on the ruble rate for the first day of your classes.

2. Before arrival. There won’t be any extra commission. You may use PayPal.

The payment for accommodation must be done upon arrival to Petrozavodsk in cash (RUR/EUR). You will pay to the accountant on the 1st-2nd day of the program.

Training materials  are paid extra according to the language level (in cash 18-25 EUR or RUR) upon your arrival.  You’ll use one set of training materials up to one month. If you study more than one month you’ll have to buy another set according to your level.

Cultural program is paid extra according chosen activities upon your arrival (in cash RUR).