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Real Russia: how is it like?

“I had never expected to fall so much in love with Russia and its people” This is what Enjoy Russian Scholarship contest’s participants say. Those of them who have already been to Russia and is able to understand the language. Our students come to Petrozavodsk to see the real Russia, to experience people’s hospitality and […]

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And don’t forget to spit 3 times!

Superstitions in Russia What superstitious rituals you will see your Russian friends follow? Every culture has its own superstitions and beliefs and Russia of course is no exception. We do not even realize how superstitious we are. Some think that avoiding a black cat crossing your way is common for both Eastern and Western countries […]

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Keep calm and volunteer in Russia!
Non-stop Russian language practice at spring Business Camp in Petrozavodsk Would you agree that language learning becomes even more exciting when it's connected with some interesting activities? For instance, students of Enjoy Russian school are always free to choose "Russian and Volunteer" program and come to Petrozavodsk to find friends (or even fans) among Russian teenagers [...]
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