Full Russian language immersion

You will learn Russian in the classroom and outdoor, with a Russian host family and Russian volunteers,enjoy Russian during cultural activities and meetings in movie, discussion and literature clubs!

Reasonable cost of studying and living

8 euro per 1 hour (45 minutes). You won’t find more favorable prices for such exciting , high quality and useful lessons. Besides the living cost in Petrozavodsk is very affordable even for students.

Great location in a safe Petrozavodsk

Our city is the best place to learn Russian as you have to speak Russian in the town. You’ll see real Russia, enjoy northern nature and you’ll be able to visit on weekends St.Petersburg, Valaam, Kizhi.

How does it work?

1. Apply for the course
2. Test your Russian level
3. Sign the agreement
4. Transfer the application fee
5. Apply for a Russian visa
6. Buy tickets and come to Petrozavodsk
Enjoy your stay!

Russian language courses

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Learn Russian and celebrate Russian winter holidays!

Want to know more about Russian festive traditions?
Join our special Russian and Winter Holidays individual course starting on January 9!
Visit Russian Grandfather Frost residence, decorate a house in a Russian style with your host family and learn how to congratulate people in Russian in 1 or 2 weeks!

You still have time to apply!

How Klaus learns the Russian language

People always ask: “How do I learn a foreign language?” There can not be just one simple answer to this question. Firstly, because languages are different, so they might require different approaches in learning. Second, people are different too. Some can easily remember new words just by listening to them a few times. Others must […]

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Stereotypes about Russia that proved to be wrong

Enjoy Russian students on unrealistic Russian habits and Russian way of life Coming to Russia for learning the language may cause the total mindset change simply because people say some unrealistic or sometimes even weird things about Russia and Russian people. Enjoy Russian students who study Russian at the moment in the city of Petrozavodsk […]

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How to Wish Happy Birthday in Russian

Happy Birthday Katya! Today our Russian language teacher Katya has a birthday. We gave her a cake with candles and sang “Happy Birthday”, which sounded right like this: Then she blew off the candles and we wished her many nice things: СЧАСТЬЯ! – Happiness ЗДОРОВЬЯ! – Health ЛЮБВИ! – Love РАДОСТИ! – Joy ХОРОШЕГО НАСТРОЕНИЯ! […]

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