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Matryoshka’s diary

Soviet era in the stories of Gosha Pearl A warm welcome to everyone who is interested in learning more about Russian history, culture, and of course, language!  The first few posts of Matryoshka’s Diary will focus on a topic which is of interest to many – the USSR. The Soviet era is an important part of our […]

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What to taste when in Russia?

Italians eat pieplant candies and drink Karelian NASTOIKA For those who don’t have a clue Karelia is a region in the North-West of Russia (actually Enjoy Russian school is situated here). Because of the fact that Russia is as big as a small planet every single region has its own unique cuisine and eating traditions. […]

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Even 12 weeks in Russia is not enough
Rahel meets up with Russian mom 2 years later It goes without saying that 3 months is more than enough to find yourself bonded with a Russian host family. Meet Rahel from Switzerland, Enjoy Russian School alumni of 2016. This wonderful girl had been learning Russian in Petrozavodsk for 12 weeks (check out Semester Abroad [...]
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