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Top 10 Russian Presidential Elections phrases

You can hear it everywhere in Russia on 18th of March Today is a very important day in Russia. Yes, we do not talk about politics here in our blog since it is devoted mostly to Russian language, interesting facts about Russia and its people. But it is really impossible to stay indifferent to Russian […]

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Russian Gravity Falls
Vottovaara mountain in Karelia  On September 3 Enjoy Russian language school starts a group course for people who wants to start speaking Russian in a short time (you may enroll here). We usually offer diverse cultural program to our students but sometimes they choose the places to visit in Karelia by themselves and this autumn [...]
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Don’t go back home if you forgot something!

Russians are really superstitious, they believe in lots of different signs, and omens. Today, we’ll tell you one. Why you shouldn’t turn back if you are halfway there All Russians know since childhood that if on your way somewhere you realize that you’ve forgotten something at home, you shouldn’t go back. If you do, bad things […]

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