Full Russian language immersion

You will learn Russian in the classroom and outdoors, with a Russian host family and Russian volunteers. You will enjoy Russian during cultural activities and movie, discussion and literature clubs!

Reasonable cost of studying and living

8 euros per 1 hour (45 minutes). You won’t find more favorable prices for such exciting , high quality and useful lessons. Furthermore living costs in Petrozavodsk are very affordable even for students.

Great location in a safe Petrozavodsk

Our city is the best place to learn Russian. After all you have to speak Russian here! You’ll see real Russia, enjoy northern nature and on the weekends you’ll be able to visit St.Petersburg, Valaam, Kizhi.

How does it work?

1. Apply for the course
2. Test your Russian level
3. Sign the agreement
4. Transfer the application fee
5. Apply for a Russian visa
6. Buy tickets and come to Petrozavodsk
Enjoy your stay!

Russian language courses

Sales and Offers

Sign up to monthly digest in December and get 5% discount on Russian language courses in March-May!

Make sure you don’t miss:

  • Top 10 Russian phrases to learn this month;
  • Professional Russian language teacher advice;
  • Video lesson;
  • The information about the upcoming courses and discounts.

Learn Russian for free in winter and spring 2018 !

Want to learn Russian in Russia for free?
Apply for the scholarship  till 22 of December! The winner gets 40-hour Russian language course at Enjoy Russian school in Petrozavodsk!
All you need is to write an essay “My Russian movie would be about…” and post it on our Facebook page!

You still have time!

Fall in love with Russia in summer
Feel, enjoy and discover the wilds! Even though winter holidays season is right around the corner it is never wrong time to recall good summer days. They say “While it is fine weather mend your sails!”  For Enjoy Russian school situated in one of the most beautiful Russian regions this season means meeting  many people [...]
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The map of Russia you’ve never seen before!

Enjoy Russian school student has created another Russia   We tend to believe that Russia (the Russian Federation) is a semi-presidential Republic situated in Eurasia, which covers  more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area and remains the largest natural gas exporter. Do you know how our students see Russia? Differently! Enjoy Russian school teachers […]

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How to say I love you in Russian?
5 crucial expressions to survive in Russia For those who has just started learning Russian language or planning a trip to Russia and knows only some common expressions from phrase book Enjoy Russian school’s made up a list of crucial Russian vocabulary. Why the survival lesson? The city of Petrozavodsk where we are situated is [...]
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