Welcome! Our language school is trusted for 18+ years by students worldwide. Why does it work? We set realistic tuition goals and support you with a structured lesson plan. Our professional native-speaking teachers give you feedback and help you to stay motivated in studying. The conversation is a key to fast speaking progress as well as interactive exercises and authentic study materials. We offer live one-to-one lessons and weekly Speaking Clubs. Are you ready for the real experience? Come and learn with us.
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People from all over the world have been learning with us since 2004. Speaking Clubs or individual lessons with native speakers provide you with a personal approach and a special attention to your needs. With step by step support of the school, you get a fast and guaranteed growth in learning and the experience of a lifetime. Are you ready to get prepared for the exam? Or you just want to speak more and meet Russia online? Join us today!




the USA, 48 y.o.

«I am having so much fun with my Russian language classes with Olga! She is very thorough, patient, and direct! I look forward to my classes as I also learn a lot about the culture and lives of every day Russian people. She is a very wonderful teacher for me and I feel as though she is a friend that is teaching me to speak Russian! I highly recommend the language school for anyone wishing to learn to speak Russian. Fun, inspiring, and educational!»


Italy, 21 y.o.

«I take part in the online language courses and they are amazing. You learn a lot while having fun! I attend a B1 level course: we discuss different topics and focus on vocabulary and speaking skills, perfect for gaining speaking fluency and for learning how to speak Russian. The teachers are very prepared, organised, kind, forthcoming and ready to help if you have any questions or doubts; the groups are small so that you surely have the possibility to talk and practice, but also to get new friends to speak Russian with. I think Enjoy Russian offers the best online Russian courses!»


The UK, 21 y.o.

«I enjoy the face to face time with a Russian teacher, and the opportunity to learn Russian with students from different backgrounds and nationalities».
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Why learn Russian language online with our school?
Here is what we do to avoid the above-mentioned problems:

  • Well-structured study program: to estimate your progress and see where you're moving forward, you can always see a clear program according to which you are going to move on. Before starting any virtual classes (except beginners), you do a test to start from the right point.

  • Teacher's feedback: you always have a support of a professional who'll gladly help you to fill in the knowledge gaps, answer your questions, identify your weaknesses to turn them into strengths.

  • Speaking practice: the virtual meetings are focused on communication, discussion, sharing news, and cultures. Talking with a native-speaking teacher will help you to feel self-confident while expressing your opinion and to understand fluent speech. The best online Russian speaking course is 1-to-1 tuition to improve your communicative skills.

  • Control of your progress: it's a huge difference between studying chaotically with switching from one topic to another with different videos from the Internet and progressing step by step with visible progress from one lesson to another with logic, clear structure, explanation, memorizing, practice and progress estimation. Material rehearsal is an essential part if you don't want to lose all your progress right away.

Trust your learning to experts. Just give it a try and join an exciting learning journey with our creative, tolerant, and caring teachers. Our school is a department of a large language centre Karelian Regional Organization of Additional Education "Tsentr Initiative" in the North-West of Russia which has 1500 students every year. Teaching foreign languages for 18 years, we have more than 2500 graduates from all over the world. Our team knows exactly how to make your progress fast, the learning – enjoyable, and the love of the language - life-long.

Take the first trial call for free, see how it works, ask your questions, express your wishes, discuss the program. You won't lose anything, but gain enthusiasm to continue. Get to know the culture, traditions, and superstitions, watch films and music clips, read poetry and famous classics. Stop hesitating: join us today.

How do online lessons work?
Our school invites you to distance learning Russian language courses. All you need is an internet connection and a device with a camera and microphone: a personal computer or a laptop are perfect because you can see all the material on the shared screen clearly and it's much more convenient to play virtual games and quizzes using a mouse, but a smartphone will do as well. We use Zoom platform and a virtual classroom where you can check the study materials and do the home tasks from anywhere. Studying with professional native speaking teachers is an amazing opportunity to start learning or improve your language skills fast and save money. Playing games and quizzes, watching videos, reading modern articles, creating presentations will make you enjoy the process and reach visible results in a short period of time.

"Enjoy Russian" language school has been teaching Russian as a foreign language online and offline in Petrozavodsk since 2004. You can choose from a variety of programs the one that will suit you the best. There are different opportunities to meet your goals, budget and timetable. The school coordinator will be glad to help you, just contact us via the chat form, e-mail or any messenger.

Will I find learning options to meet my requirements/ timetable/ goals?
For our team, it's an easy question. We've gained so much experience in teaching online that we are confident that we can offer an option for any kind of request.

In 2020 due to the pandemic, we searched for a way to switch to online so that it would suit every single person interested. Since 2004 we've been giving private online Russian language courses along with immersion programs. But as traveling became impossible, we understood that the individual classes are not for everybody. Especially today, with the lack of communication, when all people have realized how it's important to have a company.

So we started giving Russian speaking clubs according to certain topics: Soviet cartoons and films, classic and modern literature, and even swearing words. Participants liked the idea of discussions and sharing opinions. The main benefit of this format is moving towards the next level of language proficiency step by step in a small group of people from all over the world covering all language aspects (vocabulary, grammar, speaking, listening, reading and writing).

And those who study Russian as they're fond of it, of travelling and learning about Russian culture, they have another goal - to be able to speak without fear on various everyday topics, start to understand Russian fluent speech without boring books or loads of grammar rules. That's how we created our current speaking clubs which will be a perfect decision for people who study by themselves, as well as for those who already have a sufficient level of grammar and vocabulary but need to keep the conversational level.

Options to study Russian language online
Having been working with thousands of foreigners from more than 50 countries, we know exactly how to meet your needs in learning. We understand that every language learner has personal goals, interests, expectations, and we're doing our best to provide an individual approach taking into account all factors like time difference, daily schedule or age while arranging our programs. That's why we have designed and successfully teach different types of online Russian language courses to meet anyone's demands.

Advantages of the speaking clubs:

  • Very attractive price, just 5 euros per hour plus home tasks;

  • You can attend on a regular basis or from time to time which is easy to arrange and doesn't bind you;

  • Wide diversification of topics to choose from, learn through culture;

  • No boring books or huge grammar rules, progress through communication;

  • The focus is on speaking practice, that's what you need the most studying at home.

Advantages of private Russian language classes online

We all have our own daily routine and it's often difficult in this hectic world to find time for yourself. That's why it's natural that you might prefer individual training in a gym or painting workshop to make your own progress at your own pace not to be bound by someone else's timetable or skills. Individual Russian for foreigners online is a well-proved way of language learning. Having the whole hour tête-à-tête with a native speaking teacher gives you an opportunity to reach the fastest results.

  • The study program is designed specially for you based on your wishes;

  • The intensity is upon your request, you can take classes as often as you need;

  • You can rearrange the schedule or stop the course if you're being busy, etc.;

  • The whole lesson is yours, you don't have to wait for other participants speaking;

  • There is no such a problem as difference in levels and learning speed with other students.

Teach yourself Russian online: possible or not?
Obviously, you can try to learn by yourself. Nowadays thanks to the Internet and technologies you can find dozens of useful mobile apps to learn foreign languages as well as hundreds of videos and podcasts for self-training. It's great if you're self-motivated enough to study systematically without skipping and postponing online Russian classes. Quality programs will help you to memorize and practice new vocabulary as well as listen to native speakers' pronunciation and repeat the words and phrases. Working hard enough at home, a person indeed can reach good results. There seems to be many possibilities if you just type "learn Russian online course" and click "search".

What the apps and free videos lack is a clear well-structured study program, teacher's feedback, motivation to go on, speaking practice and control of your progress. Starting self-training, it's so easy to skip a lesson one day and never come back. Correct pronunciation and intonation are very difficult to achieve without a professional teacher. If you learn to read by yourself with a book, you can't be sure you pronounce the words correctly in your head. If you learn to read Russian online, the teacher will always correct the mistakes and pronounce the words as much as necessary for you to memorize the correct sound. And even after hundreds of hours spent on self-study, if you come to Russia and try to speak, there is a huge possibility you won't be understood. Moreover, it's much more likely you'll prefer asking a question in English. It's simple: language barrier is a real obstacle for any language learner. Try to pass a test: after 100-120 hours of self-study from zero only few people will show the next level of language proficiency, which the same hours of learning with native speakers will provide.



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