Would you like to continue your studies and boost career prospects? Apply for the General course. It will help you obtain the fundamental and advanced speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. We offer live group classes with professional tutors for five different levels with six students per class.
The course is all about speaking practice, expanding outlook, preparing for the exam if needed, and getting to the next level (A1 – C1) within 1- 10 months. Choose your own lesson intensity, duration, track the progress, and communicate with natives as if you are in Moscow or Vladivostok. Apply and start today!


Lesson recordings are available
Professionally organized course
Prepare at home, speak at the lesson
Well-structured materials
Certificate at the end of the course
Focus on communication


We record every lesson and save it together with other course materials, soyou have access to everything you've learned even when the course is over
Each group has its own WhatsApp chat room where they can ask their teacher questions, share ideas and new experiences in language learning
There is some homework to do after each class, so you receive enough exercises to master your language skills
Interactive conversational lessons are based on a wide variety of practical assignments
Our language lessons are held in the virtual classroom in small groups of 2-6 people, so everyone can practice a lot
You can choose an appropriate online Russian language course out of five available ones – from beginners to a C1 advanced level


Standard Group Course:

Duration: 80 lessons/ 10 months
Intensity: 2 lessons a week/ 8 lessons a month. Each lesson lasts for 60 minutes.
Cost: 80 euro per month/ 8 lessons. One lesson costs 10 euro.
Levels: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2
People in a group: max.6
Timetable: Monday + Thursday or Tuesday + Friday at 12 noon, 2, 6 and 8 pm (Moscow time UTC/GMT+3)
Starting date for the new groups: Every new Monday

Intensive Group Course :

Duration: 80 lessons/ 2 months
Intensity: 10 lessons a week/ 40 lessons a month. Each lesson lasts for 60 minutes.
Cost: 320 euro per month/ 40 lessons. One lesson costs 8 euro.
Levels: A0, A1, A2, B1, B2
People in a group: max.6
Timetable: Mon - Fri at 12 noon, 2, 6 and 8 pm (Moscow time UTC/GMT+3)
Starting date for the new groups: Every new Monday


via PayPal

Pay the fee

afternoon or evening

Choose your schedule

to know your current level and get assigned to a right group

Pass the test


the School's team coordinator will contact you shortly

Receive an

to the virtual classroom and start your Russian journey through live lessons and home assignments

Present your final project

estimate your progress and obtain a certificate at the end of your session

Enjoy Russian Learning

learn Russian in the comfort of your home, sitting in a cosy armchair and wearing your softest slippers





from the Netherlands, 71 years old, retired (started to learn Russian from zero with our school in June 2020)

“It is not necessary to travel all the way to Russia to get your on-line language. Now for everybody. Every level is possible. From the absolute starter to the more advanced. From your own surroundings. And the price? It will cost you a couple of litres of petrol. Unbelievable. Authentic by professionals also so-called lovers of their language. Enjoy the real, modern Russia of today in your own room”.


from Italy, 27 years old, a PhD student (firstly came to our school in Petrozavodsk to learn Russian from scratch in 2017, came back in 2018, then participated online in 2020, then won a scholarship and is a candidate for a PhD in Saint Petersburg University)

“The online group study was unplanned for me, but on the other side of the screen, I met very competent teachers that kept on stimulating my learning process. They use a lot of innovative methods, and there is an effective interaction between all the students so that I could meet interesting persons even during a limiting pandemic. If for some reasons, it’s not possible to go physically to Russia, this is a great way to learn from native speakers”.


from Italy, 21 years old, studies interpretation and translation

“I should have come to Petrozavodsk this year but unfortunately, I did not manage because of the travel restrictions. However, I take part in online Russian classes, and they are amazing. You learn a lot while having fun! I attend a B1 level course: we discuss different topics and focus on vocabulary and speaking skills. The teachers are very prepared, organized, kind, forthcoming and ready to help if you have any questions or doubts; the groups are small so that you surely have the possibility to talk and practice, but also to make new friends to speak Russian with.”


from Sudan, 24 years old, continues to learn Russian online in a group since November 2020

“The course is fun and easy to follow! I am looking forward to the next class because our teacher Anastasia is very helpful, easy to talk with, and inspiring! I am very grateful that I found this course and I can’t wait to reach new levels in the Russian language”


from Scotland, 25 years old, came to Petrozavodsk for an immersion experience, then became a part of the team as an ESL assistant, studied online in a group in 2020, has been attending online speaking clubs for more than a year.

«I liked the variety in the learning, as I am a very passive learner and do not learn through repetition in a classroom: often we would discuss the news or learn via quizlet. The teacher helped me to learn specific topics and I really enjoyed every lesson. It wasn't work, it was fun!»


from Italy, 23 years old, came to Petrozavodsk in 2018, studied in an online group in summer 2020, has been attending online speaking clubs for more than a year.

«I really liked the group course, because I have improved a lot my Russian thanks to my teacher Sonya and I have met nice people. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn Russian, I really recommend it to all people who want to study the language and meet nice people».


from India/ the UK, 49 years old, came to our school in Petrozavodsk in 2018, studied online in 2020

«I really liked the group course, because I have improved a lot my Russian thanks to my teacher Sonya and I have met nice people. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn Russian, I really recommend it to all people who want to study the language and meet nice people».
Course program
A0 to A1
Study the alphabet, reading rules, and the main pronunciation tricks. After these 10 modules and the final project, you will be able to talk about your family, interests, and plans, holidays and nationalities, and other topics using gender of nouns, adjectives, and even simple motion verbs.

Download program:
A1 to A2
Study out cases, prepositions and special verbs and expand your vocabulary on social media, health, lifestyle and even life in Siberia. Compare Russian birthday or wedding to what you have in your country and have your say on online education or children upbringing. The duration is 80 hours.

Download program:
A2 to A2+
Congratulations! Your communicative skills are almost perfect! This course is designed to let you feel and taste the language and country. Learn more complicated verbs and idioms, take a tour to banya, make the best CV, and start a new life in a Russian way.

Download program:
A2+ to B1
80 hours from the previous level and you can answer correctly to questions about numbers and data, find your way in a new place, use motion verbs with prefixes and even share your opinion on signs of the zodiac.

Download program:
А2+ B1.pdf
B1 to B1+
This stage is all about living among natives. Visit museums, read some world-famous books, discuss the difference between European and Asian parts of the country and work on subtle grammar features that might be difficult for understanding even to some Russians. 80 hours + the final project.

Download program:
B1- В1+.pdf
What are the advantages of online Russian language courses in groups?
  • Firstly, it is much cheaper than private tutoring. Paying just €80 per month you have a high-quality Russian course and an opportunity to learn Russian online with native speakers and practice with your classmates from different countries. And, by all means, it is much more affordable in comparison to an immersion program, because you don't have any extra expenses like flights, visa or accommodation.

  • Secondly, it is comfortable. As problems of geographic location shrink into unimportance, studying from anywhere, at convenient hours, isn't it great? All you need is a device with a camera and microphone, so you don't actually need to skip the classes even if you're on a vacation or a business trip. Furthermore, the Zoom recordings are always available, so even if you're late or have to miss one meeting, just watch it when you have such an opportunity, play the Quizlet to remember new expressions and prepare for the next call.

  • Thirdly, you'll train according to a well-organized and structured plan with diversified teaching materials created and systematized by adepts for moving expeditiously to the next level of language proficiency covering all aspects: grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, listening. You'll always know where you are at the moment, what you'll master next, when your next class will take place. Entry and final testing are created to clearly estimate your progress to learn Russian in a system, and presenting projects every 4 weeks will help you watch your improvement and become more confident in verbal communication.

  • Fourthly, each session is taught by professional teachers constantly implementing their creative ideas and activities. We use modern educational techniques to make the process various, beneficial and motivating: games, virtual whiteboard, flashcards, watching TV shows and music videos and lots more. We encourage the group members to use new skills in everyday life. For example, we keep a chat on Whatsapp, so everyone sends pictures of the weather outside and writes a description with the help of a new glossary. When talking about verbs and prepositions of place, each person takes photos of objects in the apartment that are lying on a surface, hanging on the wall, standing on the floor. When we discuss food, we share our favourite traditional meals and recipes in the chat. On the one hand, it's fun and energetic, and on the second hand, it makes you think and keep the phrases in mind.

  • Fiftly, there are several great benefits of group form of learning. Research shows that many people often learn more effectively in a social environment. Online group learning can provide an ideal environment in which interaction among students plays a central role in the learning process. In the first place, language is a tool for communication, and studying in a friendly team of 5-7 participants from all over the world, mixed from a range of ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds can improve a range of generic skills, including the abilities to communicate effectively, to understand others' points of view, to cooperate with others, and to be understanding of other cultures and backgrounds. Last but not the least, especially during the pandemic time, group work helps reduce the feeling of isolation which many people suffer due to the social restrictions.

What skills are required?
E-learning can offer possibilities for any age group and erase social, gender, and economic inequalities. The latest data shows that distance learning is highly diverse. Basically, everyone can join the program - there are no certain requirements except age (18+, we also will consider teenagers of 16-17 years old taking into account motivation and willingness to work hard, prepare for the lessons properly and not skip).

The training is created for learners from beginner (A0) to 1st certificate (B1+) levels. We advise higher-level students to study individually to reach your specific goals in the most productive manner.

If you worry about the technical side - our coordinators are always there to help, we send detailed instructions on using the Zoom platform, installation of the keyboard, necessary apps, etc. It might seem complicated only for the first time, that's why we arrange a trial call before we start to check that everyone hears and is heard well, all settings for the cameras and microphones work well and there are no issues that can disturb the process.

The only frustrating thing can be the time difference, which is very easy to puzzle out with the help of any time calculator in Google. We use Moscow time (Petrozavodsk is in the same zone) which is UTC/GMT +3 hours and there is no clock change during the year. If you're confused with the timing, the coordinator will help you find out the schedule depending on your city.

What will I gain from the Russian language course?
"Start to speak Russian in no time!" – Russian for beginners: try a new hobby and benefit from every meeting. First, you will learn the alphabet very quickly as well as basic phrases for introducing yourself and greetings. With every step, you'll expand your vocabulary rapidly: begin to speak about professions, ask people what they do, tell time, make appointments, count, talk about your family, travelling and countries, holidays and events. You will be able to ask directions in the city and understand an explanation, order food, buy tickets, book accommodation and lots more. Reaching real progress in a small group step by step is a fascinating and useful way to spend your evenings, meet people from all over the world, and stay really motivated in further development and visiting Russia.

"Survival Russian for travellers" – Russian language classes for elementary (A1) level: gain grammar and speaking skills to be able to explain yourself with natives while travelling. You will learn how to talk about planning a vacation and booking tickets, communicate at a hotel and order food at a restaurant, use the public transport and go to a mall, ask for any help when exploring the city or looking for a tourist attraction, buying souvenirs or browsing a clothes store. There will be many cultural immersion meetings, and during the project preparation you'll describe your family tree, write postcards, make a list of goods to go shopping, and create a tour plan for your friends. The project part helps to practically implement all your new knowledge into everyday life involving all skills you'll need while exploring the country.

"Speak Russian confidently" – Russian language lessons for basic (A2) level: become an expert in grammar and gain much speaking practice to be able to express yourself with confidence. You will significantly boost your lexical resources and improve communication skills as well as pronunciation in order to be able to explain yourself and understand fast speech of natives in various everyday situations. You will be able to read even a complicated menu at a restaurant, understand the detailed description of a recipe, explain that you need a different clothing size or a specific model, describe your health problems and symptoms to the doctor. Take practical steps towards sharing your opinion on diverse topics, such as living in a city or the countryside, ecological problems, trips, hobbies, children, etc. As for grammar, you will gain confidence in using cases, conjugations, prepositions, comparatives and superlatives, verb aspects and verbs of movement correctly in your speech.

"Speak Russian fluently" – Russian lessons for 1st certificate (B1) level: just perfect for you if you understand almost everything which is said or written to you, if you're confident in your grammar skills and can easily write, but don't have much speaking practice. In a fun and joyful way, you'll actively participate in discussions on lots of diversified topics: modern problems, lifestyles and mindsets, culture differences and similarities, etc. The syllabus is all about communication. You will definitely improve understanding of the grammar rules and enrich your handful of words and expressions, mostly with the home assignments, such as videos, listening comprehensions, apps and games, articles, but during the live classes, you'll mostly talk, share opinions and boost your speaking skills, pronunciation and understanding of fluent natives' speech.

How does the Russian online timing work?
You can choose any of the schedule options offered: Mondays and Thursdays or Tuesdays and Fridays, in the afternoon (start at 2 pm Moscow time) or in the evening (start at 6 pm or 8 pm Moscow time). Virtual meetings take 2 hours a week plus around 1 hour is to be planned per week for self-study at home. There is always a "ninja task" which is an extra exercise for those who want more practice. If you can't attend the lesson for any reason, the recording will be always available among your educational materials in your classroom.

The first groups started in summer 2020 and by today they've succeeded a lot. Moreover, in months they've become a real community e-meeting twice a week. To join a current group to learn Russian language as soon as possible, contact us, and we'll see if we have a spot. Whatsapp: +79602138616

How can I learn a foreign language in a country where it is not spoken?

Our teacher Sofia says: "Of course, traveling to a country where the language is spoken remains to be the most effective way to learn a language. Yet very few of us can just pack a suitcase and travel to Russia for a couple of years.As a teacher, I see that nowadays one of the most convenient and productive ways of learning are online classes. What are the advantages of this studying format?⠀

✅COMFORT is essential for the successful acquisition of material and language practice. You'll get it because you'll study right from your place! Also, you can choose any school and any teacher from around the world and find the best tutor for you, isn't it great?⠀

✅It is not a secret that so much of modern communication and learning around the world is happening on the Internet. And, of course, it's very important to be able to navigate websites and social networks in the target language. While studying online at our school, you will watch and record vlogs, read popular bloggers, chat, listen to Russian music, and discuss the latest news - all in Russian! Of course, we dive into practicing the language by gradually improving the level of difficulty depending on the level of language proficiency.⠀

✅You'll no longer lose your notebooks and forget them at home! Throughout the online Russian classes, all the materials are always at hand! You can open any file at any moment and revise what you need. It's unnecessary to carry your textbooks with you or write down your tasks or new words - it's already done in the classroom which you can log in from anywhere, any time: having a cup of coffee in a cafe, waiting for a bus, etc.

✅Besides, ONLINE CLASSES CAN BE SLIGHTLY MORE VARIED than offline classes in the class: there are more possibilities for tasks, exercises, opportunities to watch and show all kinds of information live another country, isn't that cool?"





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