Welcome to EnjoyRussian school!

On behalf of EnjoyRussian language school I cordially invite you to our Russian language programme in Petrozavodsk. Petrozavodsk is a charming green Russian city located on the shore of the beautiful Onego lake not far from St. Petersburg.

I co-founded the school with my partners in 2003 as a part of the non-governmental and not-profit educational center offering volunteer programs, foreign language courses and study abroad programmes for Russian people. I am proud of the high reputation we have gained as the excellent language center, which has largely been through the hard work and dedication of our staff.

Our school welcomes people of different ages from all over the world since 2004. More than 1200 students enjoyed our full Russian language immersion program including effective Russian language courses with professional Russian teachers, homestay with hospitable Russian families and cultural activities with our Russian volunteers.

Our Russian language school is the perfect choice for those who are coming to Russia for the first time and looking for the warm welcome, who want to immerse into authentic Russian atmosphere, who want to get the fast and guaranteed progress in Russian, who prefer studying in the small groups, who evaluate the individual approach and looking for the special attention to their needs.

We will be happy to see you in Petrozavodsk and EnjoyRussian language school.


Natalya Pyantina, the head of the school.

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5 reasons to choose Petrozavodsk and EnjoyRussian school!

There are a lot of Russian schools in Russia where you can learn Russian. You may choose the big cities like Moscow or St. Peterburg or the authentic small Russian town like Petrozavodsk.

Petrozavodsk is a safe city located on the beautiful Onego lake not far from St. Petersburg. Here you will feel comfortable and like at home – friendly people, light traffic, lots of entertainments for every taste – museums, theaters, night clubs and bars, music concerts, nature excursions, fishing, sport activities, handicraft workshops etc.

Quality and effective Russian language courses. Our high qualified, creative, and experienced teachers hold exciting classes where the students get a chance to practice language not only in the classrooms, but also in real-life situation: in cafés, shops, at the post office.

Warm care, delicious national food, and long conversations in Russian – that’s what you get in the Russian hostfamilies. They are people, who can answer your questions about Russia and with whom you spend relaxing evenings, share your impressions about your day. It is your second home where you always want to come back.

Our Russian volunteers are people of different ages who help you to discover Petrozavodsk, improve your Russian and solve such everyday tasks as buying tickets, doing shopping and others.

Cultural program is the perfect introduction to Russian culture and history. We organise longer-term excursions to Kizhi, Valaam, St.-Petersburg on the weekends and different cultural activities every day such as watching films in Russian, handicraft workshops, discussions and others.


  • Coffee machine
  • Free water dispenser
  • Lounge
  • Free WIFI
  • Student support desk
  • Heating in all classrooms
  • Copy machine and printer
  • Air conditioner