Our staff

Our staff

“EnjoyRussian” language school  hosts more than 100 students from all over the world every year. Dedicated Russian language tutors and flexible coordinators do their best for students to enjoy their Russian experience in Petrozavodsk. People are always ready to provide Russian learners with the relevant and meaningful data on Russian courses, advice the most suitable one and create friendly-to-learn atmosphere. You learn Russian with us and we learn about other cultures and traditions with your help. We constantly grow and improve to turn your stay in Russia into great memories and an exciting trip!

Natalia, school’s creator
I co-founded the school with my partners in 2003 as a part of the non-governmental and non-profit educational center offering volunteer programs, foreign language courses and study abroad programmes for Russian people. I am proud of the high reputation we have gained as an excellent language center, which has largely been through the hard work and dedication of our staff.

Alina, Education coordinator
I am the person who checks your tests and devides students into groups according to their knowledge level. When students arrive I prepare a study plan for everyone. I take care of all matters that are related to the studying process. I pick educational materials and introduce new teaching methods to the teachers. I make sure that the students are satisfied with the courses and that their studying here is a productive as it can be!

Maria, Students Advisor
I am the person who helps students with each step from the first request to their arrival to Petrozavodsk. I am always glad to answer any of your questions, to advise you the most suitable course and provide you with all detailed information about the School programs. I also cooperate with partners, Russian language Schools and Universities on arranging the semester abroad programs and special courses for groups of students.

Tina, Program Coordinator
I am in charge of your cultural programme and homestay. I organize eventful trips and excursions in Petrozavodsk and Karelia, introduce you to our volunteers and always ready to enliven your vacation. I choose a suitable family for you so your interests coincide and you hit it off quickly.

Julia, Social media manager
I’m here to make you feel confident about your choice to learn Russian language at our school. You prefer the certain school to many others when you see actual people  achieve their goals with its help. Every day we tell you about the process students learn, inform you about the Russian language courses and programs we launch and share with you the latest news.


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