Our School offers accommodation in a Russian host family*. It is an essential part of the Full Russian Language Immersion Program in Petrozavodsk. There are two options for accommodation in a Russian host family: with breakfast or with breakfast and evening meal. Our school "Enjoy Russian" guarantees that all our students will be placed in approved Russian families. We have carefully selected them. We have been working with our families for years, and they are really kind-hearted, experienced and tolerant people. So forget about any worries and just enjoy your accommodation in a Russian host family!

How Russian homestay option works:

  1. Before arrival to Petrozavodsk the student fills in a special questionnaire, including information about his/her own requirements (e.g. if the student prefers a talkative and active family or needs much privacy), food preferences (allergies, sensitivities, diet, etc.), other wishes (attitude to pets, babies, etc.), language (family speak just Russian or foreign languages as well) etc.
  2. According to the student's wishes we choose a family for him/her. We try to meet all the requirements in order the student feel comfortable in the family.
  3. The student sends to the student's advisor all travel information (date, time and place of arrival) and his present-day picture at least 1 week before arrival.
  4. The host family pick up the student from the Railway station in Petrozavodsk. The family has a tablet with the name of the student in order he/she can recognize them at the station.
  5. The student will have his own furnished room in the apartment, wi-fi or internet connection.
  6. Next day (if the student come on weekends) the host family show the nearest bust stop, transport to use to get home and to the city center.
  7. On the first day of the program the family accompany the student to the school and explain how to get back home.
  8. The family helps the student to adapt to local conditions and solve any problems if they arise.
Note! To avoid misunderstanding the relation between the family and the students are regulated by the Rules of Residence and the Program coordinator.

Apply for a course. Our coordinator will contact you within 24 hours


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